Love for Three Oranges “PRADA show”: the perfect combination of pioneering and fashion

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Recently, by the renowned experimental theater director, directed by Meng Jinghui, Liao Yimei literary consultant for the musical “Love for Three Oranges,” an actor dressed in Prada Handbags 2010 spring and summer play series of men and women, through the well-cut, distinct profile of duchess satin gray jacket and dress skirts, printed beach is full of holiday customs Women, and the light gray suit with white shirt and wool cardigan, presented through the story of a fantasy and reality, nostalgia and modernity, past and present strong contrast.

This, Prada for the first time with the musical cross-border, providing clothing sponsorship, fashion and literature and art to subvert the long-term separation of the status quo, explore a fashion, culture, art common way of existence, known as the “pioneer and fashion a perfect combination. ” This cooperation model for the development of leading brands a great sense of direction to explore, to find more drama to the survival status of the material support, when the material and spiritual integration, Pioneer and fashion fusion, what is impossible?

Commenting on the cooperation, Meng Jinghui said, “just look at Prada’s clothes, it is only a piece of clothing, if worn with a few people, no sound, then, is a fashion show, once the move, between man and man emotion, between clothes change color like a chameleon. is indeed the existence of a strange difficulty, there is a temperament suddenly came out, everyone becomes a little bit of feel like falling in such a way emotional communication for all show added some dark – they put on after the Fall of the Angels will have a sense, become rich, especially good for me – it is behind the balance between light, there will be an emotional drifting in the middle of clothes. ”

It is said that Prada designer involved in experimental theater, we all know, the godfather of theater-level figures in Hong Kong Yung has been a dramatic experiment to explore, when the Prada clothing is dramatic, a new “experimental theater” should be transported and students, should be a wing of the phrase “broken box, and every day,” poor-mouth plays do not have to blindly behind closed doors, pretending to be aloof wronged myself, the fashion industry not to deliberately widening the distance with the dramatic, real-time extension of the cultural connotation of fashion and artistic heritage, and when the frame between the two to eliminate, with everyone every day.

Meng Jinghui Asia’s most influential theater renowned experimental theater director, from “Accidental Death of an Anarchist,” “Love Rhino” to “amber”, unique personality and diversity of artistic creativity style, thus forming a kind of “Meng Jinghui type of cultural phenomenon.” As an Italian brand Prada, based on Western culture and to explore the combination of Chinese local culture, mastery became synonymous with the best. Experimental theater of conflict, no doubt the concept of subversion of the two existing theater, when the performers in the world of Prada’s hearty capability to perform when you are not aware of “dramatic fashion incoming!”


Ultra-season career high marks with practical Collection

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Off the gorgeous dress, gorgeous no stage lighting, the stars show his face at the airport is relatively more real life many. Narrow in the dry cabin environment, how can that be comfortable wearing what fashion? Look at how to wear stars, build your airport STYLE.

Ashley tisdale, her favorite Louis Vuitton Handbags at the airport the moment, LV is still in the body, oh. Level of the entire body with apparent brightness with the law stars are re-used. Soft and comfortable thin knit cardigan, leisure travel Harlan pants is must-have item. Short ankle boots with fish head, cover in the proportion of body under loose clothing is still perfect. Jewelry chest and black boots echoed right.

Supermodel Heidi Klum sexy stripped at the airport more than a free and easy. Straight stitching jeans in the color of the natural over the knee. Thin upper body section and scarves striped shirt echoes the lines, challenge your vision. This “low profile” How could one not wearing eye appeal to you?

Although the cause of a landslide, but the jessica simpson’s every move was still able to attract people firmly. Very soft plush camel coat, black velvet scarves decorated feel super down, gold and silver within the graphic lines will take a black jacket and tight T echo. Leopard boots feet are uniform texture of a single product key to the whole body.

Origin julianne hough dancing at the airport did not choose tight-fitting outfit style Oh. Pull side of the straight jeans, sweaters open models, the wide open air in the cabin the two flaps can be too cold Oh when the role of acting as scarves. Availability is like.

IT Girl Kelly Osbourne revealed in a sweet dress airport. If the flight time is too long, the pursuit of comfortable pants sense of the shackles of MM could not stand, oh. Dresses at this time would be better. Small black leather with a diamond, the degree is really just the right balance of sweet and floral. Flat shoes are very suitable for wearing in the cabin, black bow echoes the upper body, and will not top-heavy.

Light-colored lower handbags modified your body

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Temi Mei (Jany Temime) on “Zhuangshan” explanation: “I want to use in the film is a witch wedding dress style … … clothes are white, but also makes it a different piece of decoration can appear in work on the film. So, I used the Phoenix decorative patterns. The fire in the Phoenix bird of Nirvana,Gucci Handbags it is because love is love and a symbol of immortality. ”

In fact, Temi Mei reference only and can not be completely copied from McQueen’s design, although McQueen is also used on the bird costume pattern, but he is a peacock bird species. But Temi Mei While the peacock’s head into the Phoenix, but she ignored the get rid of feathers. In Temi Mei’s design, the phoenix who is obviously peacock feathers.

Although the public controversial, but David? Yates still like the film’s clothing. He said: “Some of the fantasy and the reality of the clothing appear together, people feel great. Temi Mei designer clothes and very personal, first glance will be able to know roughly what a person’s character. Outside For me, those disputes, not a problem, because to research a pattern or a design is too cumbersome, and often inconclusive. because there are always things and elements inspired by the designer, can not therefore criticize Everyone is copying.’s clothing in the film, I was very satisfied with the movie, that is enough. ”
This is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter in one far to attend a party, met a veteran actor played Effie Elphias Doge Elias, as a supporting role played in terms of time is very short, and his clothing is enough, “stunning “Multi-Neck impressed people, but not without regret, this multi-collar design has long been the former creative combination of Viktor & Rolf. The picture is a Viktor & Rolf show in an exhibition of dolls in the works, wearing a T-station design their miniature.

Hermione’s this little red dress and be a rare bright spot in the play, for the still in the role of students in terms of color and can not be out too sexy, but in addition to color in a gray tone in a very clear, there is no any special In particular, memorable elements.

LV designer Marc Jacobs bribery may go to jail

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Recently, Louis Vuitton Handbags creative director famous designer Marc – Jacobs (MARC JACOBS) heavyweight was a fine of 100 million tickets. The reason is walking down the catwalk in order to use the ideal venue for his 2000 to 2007 on New York Fashion Week has named James – Jackson (James Jackson) senior officials of bribery, Jackson, Jacob received a total of $ 35,000 in cash and a variety of items. Has been at the cusp of genius Jacobs is rumored to be through a variety of lace their sizzling, did not think that this time can really be thrown off balance it! Jackson confessed bribery bribery facts, and may face up to 15 years in prison. Ma looks bad on the other hand, 100 million in fines after completion will also receive a series of surveys, and most likely will face jail.

Marc Jacobs in 1963, was born in New York on September 9. Jacobs childhood in the High School of Art and Design school and graduated in 1981. During this period he and his mother, sister and brother live together in Teaneck, New Jersey. The age of 15, Jacobs was in New York City avant-garde clothing boutique Charivari, a younger brother when the warehouse. That is where, Jacobs entered the famous design institutes Parson’s School of Design study. Study period, Jacobs one-upmanship of the creativity and skill had emerged.

The “bad boy” said he has been known for his maverick. As a designer LV, Marc has always boasted itself rather than stylish women in fashion prevalent custom. Marc Jacobs has never concealed his “gay” identity, and her boyfriend Jason Preston of shifting alliances, as well as the appearance of love to make great changes have lifted people, most recently for a magazine off in the end of a performance also attracted numerous criticisms. But no one can deny his contribution to the fashion industry, but no one wants to imagine without him, how will the status of LV.

She is the God of LV

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Kimora Lee Simmons’s closet there were thousands of LV, Chanel bags and shoes, 300 designer jeans, do not know how you feel about reading the future.


KimoraLeeSimmons that has over six million U.S. dollars of jewelry a woman, May 3, 1975 born and raised in St.Louis. Mother was born in Korea and the Japanese, the father is Caucasian and Indian descent, African Americans were education, this unique combination made her a high cheekbones, lips after, beautiful chocolate color.

Childhood, she was like a low self-esteem of the ugly duckling, the age of 11, Kimora Course into a model, where the rapid formation of her self-confidence, almost 13, she went to Paris, the first job in Chanel, overnight, all the defects have become the source of happiness. Her exposure to international fashion trends from the tip of bees, a lot of class fashion, jewelry endorsement, in 1992 she came to the United States, immediately Russell fancy, Phat Farm has become the chief spokesperson In 1998, Kimora and Russell were married in Saint Barts. Since 2000, Kimora has served as creative director of Baby Phat, her hard work and personal style to Baby Phat to become a market capitalization of $ 500,000,000 of the brand .

Net worth

Two Bentley (a luxury version of the sedan and a convertible), a Mercedes SUV, a Range Rover, a big house like a maze, there can accommodate more than 30 luxury restaurant and indoor and outdoor swimming pool, everywhere Gianni Versace design expensive furniture, early years, many of which are in Sotheby come. She has a long list of dressing rooms adjacent to each other, probably more than 300 pair of jeans, clothes hung by color, all Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Stella McCarney challenges of the eye such super expensive brand clothes next to specially equipped computers, the data for the storage of all clothing. hundreds of pairs of Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Chanel shoes, been discharged from the House floor (shoe box are posted on the Polaroid snapshot to be resolved). thousands of packages, LV (LV said she was the largest customer in North America), Chanel, Hermas (of which 9 Birkin Louis Vuitton Handbags). Kimora confidence full, she is a most beautiful 25 kt white gold diamond ring, because this is her own handwriting.

Although she was fascinated by the magnificent things, but she is definitely not arrogant forces ghost, she also willing to pay to enjoy and share happiness: Russell and his two brothers established the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, for those who do not profit arts organizations funds to help the young, especially people of color artists, and provide them the opportunity to show their works, Kimora organized every year for the Foundation for subscriptions; she has for his high school established a scholarship; she know and understand all of the family of domestic workers and strive to help them. Kimora woman from a neighborhood where a star to marry hip-hop music industry as Mrs. Simmons, her interpretation of a real fairy tale, she took the road to stardom building colors Mongolia , gives many people a beautiful fairy tale fantasy to achieve.

LV 2011 with a new color on the new world of leisure

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Spring and summer of 2010, the pursuit of alternative and coarse women mad Fan of children for the Louis Vuitton Handbags is destined to be crazy, because the LV to be casual about to create a new world. October 7, 2009, Paris Fashion Week Spring 09, Louis Vuitton staged a new show this season’s handbag fashion trend. Different materials and different colors of stitching accounted for the mainstream. Retro design, animal fur tassels decorated with Indian designs are the focus of this season. Great package design will be exaggerated shoulder bag and shoulders to maximize results. Brightly colored pink and light green animal hair is the perfect combination of luxury and leisure ah.


Features One: Shoulder diagonal Large packages will transition to the perfect combination of color and animal hair

Popular this season: bright pink and bright green color Yan will spring into the air around us, the designers cleverly decorated fox fur tail side of the bag, but still a little naughty students temperament.

With the recommendation: no dress is the perfect combination of complex OR simple.


Features two: the continuing prevalence of crude fringed mad, full of natural flavor of the original cortical

Popular this season: the combination of dark brown leather with tassels, retro style did not subside, simple elegant design will push the mainstream of casual style, or shoulders, or diagonal will make you look handsome bold.

With the recommendations: a comfortable sports series for the overall shape of elegance.



Features III: Fun fabric and denim bucket bag fashion

Popular this season: Do not take up much of barrels of packets that must go out to LV for the time being the traveler to the season is over a small woman, exaggerated and comfort become the main season, the soft fabric and denim fabric will be a natural feeling into your life .

With recommendations: wide collapse of the natural kind dress the most dissonant.



Features Four: large bag filled with new partners everyday

Popular this season: the more individual and alternative development will be larger packages, often do not have nothing installed big pack big pack for the trip is clearly sought after people had already put it down.

With suggestions: cool with some lead to keep them coming back full of clothing, such as large neutral suit and so on.


Five characteristics: the transition to color in the end the old bag will do

Popular this season: the classic color LOGO print on the cloth in the transition, LV’s new tricks are always emerging, this bag over the top in terms of several relatively popular, with up easier.

With recommendations: comfortable clothing and comfortable and the atmosphere is the best mix bag.


Six characteristics: size contrast, LV to the extreme complexity of the small bag

Popular this season: a small bag of small pockets and can be so complicated, LV will be fringed with fox fur tail added to the bag of accessories up, adds even more in the fine elements of personality.

With recommendations: youthful dress with a small bag is a perfect match.

“Gossip Girl” fourth quarter fashionable handbags

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“Gossip Girl” in the fourth quarter early autumn in New York is still the romantic sultry, beautiful guy who is still tangled, baffling the faithless people, it seems exciting season than the season, but the crew’s clothing to be more worthy of a look.

Remember I drew a character relationship chart, to have a romantic relationship between a straight line connecting the characters. Now updated this map, the connection must the same as the dense spider web. So, I caught the ups and downs of the plot, has long been commonplace. Overview the play, “no lie not a book” only; as Venessa on Rufus said, “will not even lie, on the loss you live in the East.”.

For me, the full value of this movie is everywhere, exquisite fashion. New Fall 2010 – Fashion, Coach Handbags, shoes, jewelry, to large doses, Hula Hula blowing. Even the product placement, I also accept all grateful. In fact, beginning to end, fashion is in “Gossip Girl” into the story.

The fourth quarter of the bag, give me the deepest feeling is that different colors of reptiles have different patterns out of its hole, gathering the “Gossip Girl” Film Studio. Careful study, these crocodiles and pythons, mostly from the two rare leather designer – Nancy Gonzalez of Colombia and Brazil-born American Carlos Falchi. The former is a mature lady style – simple and low-key style, bright hot colors, cleverly hiding the metal parts; the latter is even more handsome youth – personalized unique style, the folds of playful and lively, a bit messy stitching .


Rare leather bag this season, is currently focused on Serena and Blair. Jenny and Vanessa, a lack of age, a lack of money, being unable to enjoy. Juliet unknown, with a Carlos Falchi’d had two clothes. . . Then the next time we see other bags, especially small backpack more exciting.

Alexa Chung recent love new LV handbags

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Red is a happy event were more recent UK IT Girl Alexa Chung attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, the day she was wearing a Louis Vuitton 2011 spring and summer series of dress, holding Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton’s latest handbags, sweet, pleasant, youthful invincible.

Last week in Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton brand published in the latest series, Alexa Chung wore a Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 Collection from the skirt to attend! May be slightly cold weather, so Alexa Chung will be outside in the dress with a knitted Baoshan, with clever! Let summer dresses, but also to have starred in the fall of opportunity. Alexa also took the day Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton’s latest handbag to match the shape of the day, wearing a sweet ride in the bag Alexa Chung who is also very appropriate. In fact, many times previously Alexa Chung to take this co-operation series of bags at a public occasion. She seems like the package shall ah ~ still hesitated to start a friend, reading has not increased the determination of what you want to purchase?

Animal prints with a modern and practical handbag

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Stable atmosphere of the package shall, style is mosaic of color cortex snakes on it, the touch of vibrant and dull.

Best choice or the color is more stable ride with deep, so the combination of purple with the green color is peacock stitching, beautiful special.

Striate cortex of the green snake, so that the color of bright spots, bags of style is also very practical and in particular, the combination of long-chain and portable, so you can be wild at the same time reflect their personality.

Elegant green, a perfect combination of color, with brown running through them, so a bit frivolous with stable feeling.

Gray serpentine small bag, exquisite to the extreme, many of the leather side of the Philippines constitutes a rose, feminine.

Elegant snakeskin, both individual and can fashion, with similar color with the most foolproof, it is not suitable for colorful, a simple black and white mosaic of small Evening, chest flower design and flower design bag with just together

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