LOUIS VUITTON 2010 Winter Ad Campaign Preview

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50 years full of elegance, LOUIS VUITTON (Louis Vuitton Handbags)by photographer Steven Meisel shot the new season, autumn and winter show ads. In Christy Turlington, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova supermodel hand interpretation of three different generations, the telling of a woman no matter what age, can make themselves even more to look attractive.


LV Mahjong is customized for the Chinese people “LV Chinese mahjong”

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Speaking of Mahjong, most people do not know his origins, Mahjong originated in China, dating back four thousand years ago. Called “opera, painting, traditional Chinese medicine” for the three national essence. Little do they know there is another major overseas cultural legacy, and the West to shame, you have to ask what it is mahjong. When it passed in the West? Unknown, but foreigners like playing mahjong, a prominent figure from the text of the Republic of China can be seen, Liang in “Mahjong,” a paper wrote when he was abroad, “Mahjong popular in the United States, many Americans are provided with a pair of home” and attached instructions. Liang, a student, “in New York to teach people to actually play cards as a sideline, phone call of that go, have disposable income.”
Time, two professors at the University of Colorado has asked him and heard more than one guest, “after dinner assumed a mahjong as a sideshow.” But the beam, smell they know nothing of Mahjong, “the two professors can not understand the Chinese people actually does not play mahjong? Night, four of the provisional see instructions to watch and play with, and no one can neatly under a license, Wowonangnang’s to spend a night out. since no bureau. “He added:” Americans clumsy big hands need a large scale puzzle card for a push forward, or a license to put not straight! ”


Very clever, A while back I accompanied friends to the domestic to the Champs Elysees in Paris headquarters of Louis Vuitton shop, a door, right side of the glass case will be placed in a familiar Chinese mahjong, this is the most prominent place. I first see the quintessence of Chinese culture by Westerners so solemnly laid out ready for him. I asked the salesman, which is sold to the Chinese people? She smiled and said: “tailor-made for the Chinese people!” I did not describe the feelings come out now, do not know the love for the West is so grand and proud quintessence of Chinese culture, or the name of the Chinese people gambling away broadcast world ashamed. In short, as in France, a Chinese, I pain and happiness. LV (Louis Vuitton Handbags)Custom Mahjong …

Chinese in France among the popular mahjong still not wrong, said that “wherever there are Chinese mahjong.” French mainstream society, not many people playing mahjong, mahjong is a lot of people know. If people familiar with the French and the Chinese people have to rub a few laps, I’ve seen a few touch and awareness, so good. Time in a friend’s house after dinner to invite the other two Chinese friends with the French playing mahjong, a friend brought out guys, I look, Yo, brand amazing! The world’s top luxury Louis Vuitton (LV) manufacturing. French friends told me that this is the Louis Vuitton Group, a custom-made specifically for the Chinese people, display status, financial situation and social status, needless to say, prices are more impressive. LV Custom Mahjong …

Eye fashion: Louis Vuitton to model itself on the Chinese totem pattern

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Lead: LV 2011 debut in Paris in the spring and summer men’s line, the perfect combination of the tropical Amazon and China Eastern wild mystery style, the Louis Vuitton Handbags men’s design director Paul Helbers to his recent trip to the Orient inspired tattoo art invited to name Famous Scott Campbell (MARC JACOBS tattoos division) design a series of mystery with a totem of Chinese classical impression.

We see typical dragon, clouds, waves and other elements of classical Chinese totem, look there are Louis Vuitton Monogram legendary stealth printing them, these totems in clothing, the classic Damier Graphite bags, and even the model’s body painted on the same fine workmanship and brand and elegant style, interwoven Louis Vuitton this season a new era of stateless costume ideas.

Clothing section, a strong tropical jungle green color, waterfall blue, yellow parrot, and full of natural flavor of the sky blue, white and perfect balance with the earth tones. Escape wearing a classic suit Formula, LV artistic director Marc Jacobs multi-level single bell Louis Vuitton outfit inspired by the unique style of dress men: Pierced Knit a single product for a simple T shirt to add a level, or as a suit jacket the whims and shawl; embroidered silk Chinese classic totems of large, cum belt accessories can be as natural hanging in the coat, or stemming the flow freely into the apron with a bohemian. Splicing show different brand of sophisticated materials work, and wearing a leather jacket once again demonstrated python LV Louis Vuitton luxury brand of superior status.

China stepped into the luxury door

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Regal to buy private jets, yachts and other top luxury goods, the middle class carrying a Louis Vuitton Handbags, the ordinary white-collar workers also enjoy the fragrance Coco … … luxury brands through the interpretation of the noble life of stars from the fashion magazines, movies, Internet, window display gradually penetrated into all aspects of Chinese life in the past. The emerging Chinese luxury goods market, all the major luxury brands in China’s vast, competing heroes chase, even the old Hermes luxury goods, but also lay down the body frame, with Chinese designer launched a new brand in China .

Why are so easy to sell luxury goods in Asia? Hung believes that Asian culture is very low social status of merchants, because Asians are the most respected wise man, philosopher, and power. However, in contemporary society, becoming more and more merchants are accepted, but is this a luxury status symbol, is a successful businessman in the medals. This is the interpretation of their culture.

Chinese luxury market rescue

Every working day, the Champs Elysees in Paris LV flagship store, always moving forward to save millions of Chinese. Do not worry about not French, or understand English, where the shopping guide, mostly Asian faces, speaking fluent Mandarin or Taiwanese flavor with Dia Dia.

Young French girl Emma looked curiously at a Chinese girl came out from the store, the other right shoulder leaving for the ARTSY medium handbags LV, left carrying a newly purchased LV gift bag, containing a SPEEDY 25. Emma is the envy of the Chinese girl’s shopping ability to earn monthly wages of 2,500 euros for her, that a nearly 500 euros SPEEDY 25 too expensive. “I do not have a LV bag!”

“Chinese people are very rich, the Chinese love of luxury.” Tour of China crazy shopping often the case in France, so Emma remember this impression. Emma does not know is that the Chinese girl’s after-tax wage is likely less than one-third of her. If the French girl Emma came to Shanghai, she will find the logo early LV became the symbol of the city one of the most common. Whether to go to Nanjing West Road shopping, or go to a PARTY in the Huaihai Road, and even a street in the Hongqiao small farms, the logo will suddenly appear, it may be back in a four-year-old looks like the “White-Boned Demon,” who also may be destroyed in a young female staff member of the New wrist, and even fashion male college students and middle-aged women, the same as its fans. LV is not the only luxury goods like symbols of Shanghai, BURBERRY lattice scarf, Rolex watches, etc., have been loved by the city in 2009, Bain & Company’s “2009 Study of Chinese luxury goods market” report , by Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci in 2009, Chinese consumers most want to have the luxury brands, which are the first two French brand, which is the Italian brand.

Intuitive feelings and Emma, as the financial crisis is indeed Asian, and accurately, it is the Chinese people greatly saved the luxury consumer market. Jade CEO Mr. Zhong Guikai source in an interview, take the initiative to open the world of Chinese people’s contribution to the luxury goods industry: “If it is not a large consumer of Chinese people, they (the luxury goods business) also laughed so happy? “the same report, according to Bain & Company, the global recession luxury goods fell, the United States, Japan, the European luxury goods will grow from 167 billion euros in 2008, dropped to 153 billion euros in 2009. To include watches, cosmetics, high-end apparel, including luxury goods, including a rise, not fall in Asia, growth will reach 10%, while in China is expected to grow about 12%. (Note: This report will separate the Japanese and Asian markets.)

Luxury brands in China “enclosure”

At the same time, from Harbin to Shenyang, from Tianjin to Dalian, China’s “Champs Elysees”, is all the way from Beijing and Shanghai to the second-tier cities to replicate.

“The geographical distribution of rich people in China than in other countries wide. As wealth began to cities and regions at all levels of extension (part of the explosive growth occurred in areas outside Shanghai and Beijing), luxury goods stores have begun to move along. China has established luxury stores has become a fierce competition. more than half (53%) of all luxury sales outlets in China were opened in the last three years. “at the Boston Consulting Group recently released” post-turf era Chinese luxury goods market, “said China’s high net worth population of more than rich countries, such as France and Britain.

To go along with the rich luxury brands, luxury stores are busy all over China “enclosure.” According to Boston Consulting Group’s report, China’s per capita disposable income is expected to more than double by 2015, but still only the equivalent center of many international luxury goods per capita disposable income of one third to one-sixth. But today, Shanghai and Beijing, the per capita number of luxury retail outlets in New York and Chicago, rather, two cities of Harbin and Shenyang not far behind. Even the city’s per capita of China’s top luxury fashion and jewelry sales points and the same number of developed countries, and its luxury watches, slightly higher concentration of retail outlets.

Another message also shows the luxury brand for the China market. Late last year, the French financial magazine “Capital News” Web site (Capital.fr) first disclosed, will be established luxury brand Hermes has a big movement in China: it will create for the Chinese market a new brand “up and down.” The message is then Hermes company confirmed. Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas told the world visit Capital.fr said, “‘down’ is a unique brand, from the style, materials to work, will be a reflection of Chinese culture.”

Hermes family founded the first new brand in China, a move to snatch a relatively low-end customers, similar in design and production in Japan BURBERRY Blue Label and Black Label brands, Vice-line trench coat behavior. Superpower luxury consumption in Japan, particularly keen BURBERRY brand. In view of this, BURBERRY particularly in the franchise mode of cooperation so that Japan produced by the local design, colors more vivid than the younger and cheaper BURBERRY blue label and black label series. Its products also only sold in Japan as the only region, even as the headquarters of the United Kingdom has not set in these two series of brands of retail services.

Luxury consumption in China began spreading boom seems that China is Japan 20 years ago? “Luxury consumption is closely related with economic development stage, it is the public consumption level and consumption structure changes to enhance the results. From the Engel Coefficient, rural and urban residents in China has entered a well-off and off stage. Remove the basic cost of living, people have the money purchase of non-essential items. This is the basis for China’s luxury goods. “Brand Research Center, East China Normal University, Professor Renhe Jia told Life Weekly News interview, said,” If the middle class is an important consumer of luxury goods group, then the current China has about 3 million people a huge potential market. This is why the major international luxury brands to enter and compete vigorously in the cause of the Chinese market. “Professor He Jiaxun that China’s economic development decisions based on the luxury goods boom.

Fluctuations in the underlying psychological luxury

“Italy’s Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) and Ermenegildo Zegna (Ermenegildo Zegna) to two sets of the same suit, buy a dark blue and black Armani, solemn occasion wear. Zegna is iron gray and light gray, more fashionable younger, usually wear … … had to buy some of Germany’s Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss) pure wool T-shirts and France Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) silk shirt. casual shirts, including Bo like the academic style, favorite for the British elite schools Eton produce clothing N & L (New & Lingwood) shirt. … … the table is to buy a Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe), or to buy Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) it? Later he think about it, do not be a spring snow. even though he really was very fond of Vacheron Constantin’s elegant, but still buy a mass 40 mm in some of the new Rolex Yacht Master Scuba-type (Rolex Yacht-Master) platinum watch. “network of popular fiction,” returned to tame the fire in mind, “if the description of the protagonist package AMP Bo in the” returnees “before building successful men with a luxury image, in order to better accepted by mainstream society. The description for the image sought after by many friends and true.

AMP if the novel in the “package Bo” the image of a successful man, the reader can easily and celebrity interviews in the financial figures of the party gathered in the meet. Professor Qian Wenzhong Guoxue known, seems to “wear gold hanging silver” and “package Bo” pirated. A reporter described in such reports of Academic: “(He) the upper and lower body are world famous, and he does not deny yourself the ‘good things’ favorite: his fingers, Cartier ring sparkling, right wrist China’s Bloody wearing a string of amber, a string of Tiffany silver chain, the left wrist is the limited edition Omega rose gold watch. He carried a bag in the signature Montblanc pens for five or six there, All his clothes, shoes are specially made, the shirt cuff embroidered with “Qian Wenzhong” in the name … … ”

Passion for their own luxury mentality of Academic Life magazine reporters after receiving the phone, said he was not willing to do in-depth interpretation of this.

“Is basically for the needs of social identity. Consumers want to create the ideal luxury consumption by the social self, or in some occasions can enhance their social status. Chinese culture is collectivist social orientation values, people are very concerned about the evaluation of social and others. This is largely driven by consumption of luxury goods. “Brand Research Center, East China Normal University, Professor Renhe Jia hearing, told reporters such a psychological analysis of consumer demand for luxury goods.

“China has ushered in a wave of luxury consumption boom, see figure, we may soon overtake Japan, there is a data representation 2016, China will be the world’s countries with the highest consumer of luxury goods, more than the United States, but also over Japan. “Hung In an interview with fashion magazine editor” Life Weekly “interview, said,” Why so easy to sell luxury goods in Asia? Asian culture is very low social status of merchants, because Asians are the most respected wise man, philosopher, and power. But contemporary society is becoming more and more merchants to accept, but is this a luxury status symbol, is a successful businessman in the medals. I agree with the interpretation of the cultural background. ”

Hung says, “Chinese people are to face, if the luxury to face, Chinese people will buy. Chinese people are very like being a follower, we are not a very individual people, we need a sense of security, you need to know that we belong to a group, if a packet is a symbol of ownership, we will buy this package. ”

Luxury consumption, “she Era”

Rich, middle class, low-end luxury experience for the mass consumer groups, three groups pyramid structure, the absolute spending power of the three sectors are very strong, are indispensable. From Bain & Company’s report also showed that the recession will watch as the leading male consumer severe impact, while the female consumer-oriented cosmetics and perfumes can not impact the prospects for women than men luxury luxury prospects optimistic.

“Can not afford yachts luxury cars, you can buy watches; can not afford hundreds of thousands to the list, you can buy the classic bag; with five thousand yuan or so of the canvas can not afford it, then bad, you at least five or six hundred dollars can buy a bottle of perfume or cosmetics. “luxury fans often get something similar to block” the poor “in the mouth. Friends LISA would often claim to be journalists luxury concept: a luxury not a rich exclusive, luxury is to allow us to follow a better way of life.

White-collar women have the same concept has formed a new group. According to KPMG’s “China’s Luxury Consumers: catch up with the trend,” the report, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in 8 high-end line of women reached a size of 1.67 million, the average monthly income of this emerging group of 7000 yuan, and average family income is as high as 240,000 yuan; 40% of the high-end women mainly as a corporate executive. More than Qicheng of respondents were regular attention to all kinds of fashion information, 72.2% of women according to their ability to purchase high-end brand, the private car ownership rate of 53.5%.

This high-end luxury women groups is shown on the unique dedication, the survey showed, high-end women buy perfume, jewelry, designer bags that must be the proportion of 42.6%, respectively, 41.2% and 17.6%. Million level package which has a ratio of 9.2%, three and eight Qianyuan Ji Qian Yuanji shoes watches ownership were 19.2% and 15.9%, with the proportion of the three Qianyuan Ji sunglasses reached 16.2%.

Similarly, women’s fashion from Shanghai shopping sites – Online shopping guide to the famous magazine of life survey data show that consumption of the site users have the luxury of population size in 2009 than in 2008, including “Charm Mature clan” consumption contributed the most. This is among the “charm Mature family” is relative to the “youthful nation” and “light mature singles” is concerned.

Linzi Counseling studio Shuliu Min consultant living magazine reporter in an interview that the Chinese women’s enthusiasm for and consumption of luxury goods has experienced a gradual cognitive process.

“Women like to look at, touch luxury, and sometimes not to go with it, but to enjoy it and gain a sense of beauty needs.” Shuliu Min said that in the door just opened 70s of last century when the end of the early 80s, people with the mentality of curiosity to see luxury, luxury goods were seen as alien from civilization. China’s consumer public, are gradually learn from the fashion magazine for luxury goods. The fashion magazine editor who is understanding how luxury it?

China’s first out of the country as a new group of people, Hung told Life magazine reporter, “Tiffany crystal plate, is my first exposure to the concept of brand.”

Side in the fashion magazine editor, the luxury of knowledge people have been changing. “In the beginning, the people around me, as the level of luxury as a national treasure valuables. Then these people are gone, for a number of very literature and art, literature and art as luxury goods for the luxury of youth, which they divided into luxury is used by people in culture, which is no culture of human use. They like to lead the trend of luxury goods. Now the people around me and I almost, we are more concerned about the process and design behind the luxury goods, want to get to understand how to make a thing can be called a luxury. We want to get in the end to understand what is really a luxury craft and design, and what is just hype blown out, completely industrial mass production. ” Hung on the life magazine reporter said.

People’s understanding of the constantly changing luxury goods, luxury goods marketing channel is also undergoing major changes, in the above-mentioned report of Bain & Company, said, “The Internet is catching up magazines, has become an important source of information,” However, the penetration rate of Internet shopping is still low, and only in the store out of stock and price advantage, people will buy luxury goods online.

“Fake” in the spring to it!

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Fashion circle is full of myth, the endless knot is always: is the laptop, or until an inch of ankle? Chase high fashion or with the high street? The misconceptions, the “true” the most perplexing – is to ignore the banner of animal rights groups opposed to uphold the doctrine of leather fashion? Or abandoned, such as the astronomical price of fine jewelry, fake jewelry enthusiasm to get involved? Perhaps, now, a “fake” is the real fashion.

Lafayette home from the 2010 autumn and winter in Hong big show was officially pushed to the cusp of fake fur started last season to make a fashion force feedback loop – how to use “cheap” fabrics to create a fashionable effect, the whole world talked about .

Kate Moss for Topshop designer clothing, almost all gorgeous fake fur coat; and Abercrombie & Fitch has even fake fur and young people with the most favorite hoodie together, recommended by critics. Stella McCartney for Chloe, whether head or is it sits its own brand, has always been closely guarded only fake leather made products regulations.

The offer of a brand while back Tahara girl (well-known singer) wore it home leather appearance, was flatly rejected, the reason is simple: she is a vegetarian, this sin shall not be made. And those who love fur the stars, the thought of a beautiful mink is anal electrocution death, the heart almost broken, so have set a good example of conservation priorities.

The fashion industry has long been its “superficial” and the infamous, Lafayette, and may not really done a revolutionary thing, we might as well re-chewing half a century ago, Ms. Chanel’s words: “Do not be genuine, as long as the shock amazing. “Back in 1924, she introduced a black and white color of the fake pearl earrings – no treasure is not attracted to women, she continues to believe that, just let the fashion jewelry and sometimes better visual means.

So first of its kind in Hong family, making the fake to real luxury – it is not cruel, the economy, while very stylish!

There is another problem: in the end of artificial fur and jewelry worth how much? If you want long-term investment or a hedge against inflation, and that it was farther away from it; if you are with the practicality of the pursuit of design, and their price is really attractive.

Ms. Chanel to study it, mix true and false, are still doing the Queen! And the key is fake become fashionable, loud noises in advance of “I’m fake”, you have to add a layer of very senior rebel colors. A cargo Coach Handbags , but still remember, but also not meant to fashion, because it is indeed plagiarism never dare say out loud these words.

As the Buddha said: “You can not fake smart, but fake fur, you are really smart!” This is not just a trend, it is a revolutionary new choice.

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