I also have a worth remembering past

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Fifth Billiards and exhibition facilities at Pazhou International Exhibition recently held yesterday, Pan Xiaoting famous billiards player, Tian Pengfei, “billiards Emperor” Hendry, Korean girls Kim Jia Ying Hall in the Star card together.

As the famous “Nine days after the ball,” Pan Xiaoting exhibition yesterday in the “bubble” nearly a whole day in the morning with her autobiographical book, “I am not days” to the exhibition hall, a gift to the fans to sign activities. Yesterday afternoon, she was an interview process to talk about released a new book, she wrote that book is not only the pool-loving fans, but also hope that more girls through the book and understand the pool, like billiards.

[Keywords]: days

Not so confident person

“We always called me nine days after the ball, but I think the name is too great, I’m not that confident person, so I said, ‘I am not days’, the title thus obtained.” “I am not days, “a book by the” Prince of Gymnastics “Li Ning written order, the reporter has a brief look at the” I am not days after the “discovery, about the book is divided into four parts, including the growth of articles, fashion articles, papers and emotional chapter of life.

“This book is planned for about a year, in fact, I previously had a lot of media interviews before, such as how I came into contact with the project, including my upbringing, etc., there are some myth, has never been a more official version, so the hope that the oral form of autobiography, I will be out most real growth experience to share with. ”

[Keywords]: Growth

Academy of Fine Arts want to be painters get the job test

In the book, Pan Xiaoting chapter we describe the growing childhood wanted to be a painter himself, but unfortunately failed in the age of 15 obtain the Academy experience, but also about career success and failure, and create your own company as chairman of the board Pan so many experiences, “I think in the future if the children like billiards, parents may wish to grow through my experiences for reference.” Pan Xiaoting said in the article section, she would like to say is no shortcut to success, many things have can only obtain through more effort you want success.

[Keywords]: emotion

Heart, “he” is not Ding

Emotional chapter, Xiaoting more about their own family and his family, and friends, friendship, she did not shy admitted to the previously rumored that her frustration with the sex scandal Ding, Ding and it does not affect the her friendship.

“Like all women, the Mood for Love, I also had a very memorable past”, in the book close to the tail section, Xiao Ting has finally revealed his feelings of one or two things, including the United States to get his first career a WPBA Tour title before her she had met with a very considerate person, very romantic boy, because together away from pity, combined with family opposition, the two finally ended a year to maintain the feelings, but then promised to the boy She has been waiting until “the time is right.” Xiao Ting said, “now I have a new understanding of love, love like a club, they fit themselves most clearly when my MR.Right again, I would hold their own.”


Women’s compensation is lower than men’s soccer

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In the warm-up match on March 19 injured in China and the DPRK women’s football international, Gu Yasha, and today the Chinese Football Association will carry out the 5 million check in Beiyisanyuan received surgery to repair knee ligament. Director of Football Guo Guanbu Causing disclosed yesterday that the Football Association launched from a new system this year, Guo Zihao mobilized to ensure that injured striker receive timely medical treatment and financial compensation. The men’s soccer goalkeeper Zeng Cheng has become the first beneficiaries of the new system.

■ wounded on the new system to ensure timely and internationals

Afternoon in Qingdao on 19 July, when the Chinese team and the Korean team to the middle of the match, Gu Yasha struggling to stop the North Korean team for a volley at close range in front of the wounded mind end. Rule of thumb to determine Gu Yasha Wang Dongzhen doctor was not injured bones. But the military governor of the foot control center field, deputy director of requirements, Yuhong Chen insists the team sent to the hospital for closer examination Gu Yasha. Gu Yasha MRI showed torn knee medial ligament under the beam, but not broken, and gradually recovered by conservative treatment. However, considering the interests of members of the body and personal responsibility, Yu Hong-chen Gu Yasha finally decided to implement the surgery as soon as possible.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the Football Association for Gu Yasha surgery cost 5 million check has been approved is completed. Causing said, “score is important, but we must treat those who serve athletes. So this year we introduced a new system should be the first time to implement the treatment injured striker, Gu Yasha can implement the operation one week after the injury is the case.”

■ Football Association after the full implementation of economic compensation for injury

Healing injured striker in a timely manner, the Chinese Football Association has also embarked on the implementation of international, was injured through the system of economic compensation. Causing said yesterday, in the March 25 Chinese team and the New Zealand national football team goalkeeper warm-up match injuries Chinese Football Association has sincerity would definitely get financial compensation. Causing said, “was sincere then the lungs caused by his opponent hit the rib contusion, he was ahead of the rest in two rounds to miss. So we will pay him compensation.” Causing explained, taking into account the soccer leagues and international, most of the market mainstay for the club, the Chinese Football Association Super League clubs to determine the current average income of the main players injured in international, as payment of compensation, specifically pay for its number of rounds to miss the league as the unit. “If 90 million annual salary, a super striker, who injured mobilized in the national team, then by calculating single-season 30, he held up one of each league, will get a 3 million as compensation.” Causing also revealed that the current FA to Guo Zihao players all buy accident insurance. If the insurance amount sufficient to offset the striker treatment, then the difference will be charged the Chinese Football Association.

■ Women’s compensation is lower than men’s soccer

Women’s soccer team taking into account the weakness of the market than the Chinese Football Association Women’s injured striker in determining the financial compensation approach is also distinguished with the soccer team. Causing explained, “After all, unlike the men’s football Women concerned that high market appeal of large, cost-effective enough. So for the injured women’s football striker, we do not follow the standard men’s soccer compensation. But we will arrange for these internationals to receive rehabilitation treatment team, as far as possible in accordance with their standard of treatment at the local team to pay benefits for them. “Currently, Ma Xiaoxu, Weng Xinzhi two internationals is in accordance with such standards Women receiving compensation, even if the injury is, they will receive each 100 days of the national subsidy.

Causing confirmed that the more stringent financial system related to the current 100 per day internationals subsidies not going to improve. But the economy is not well-off women’s football, football game will be a major outlet, or by increasing the amount of ways to win prizes striker Women curve assistance. “After all, unlike the past, now women’s football as easily can move the World Series, this approach not only encourages players to play well, but also to improve their income as much as possible.” Causing said.

Yao Ming will be aspirations in the championship Cup this year

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Center Yao Ming is already invincible, but also need to improve the ability of the season: “reduce errors,” the ability and the “self-protection” capability.
A: To improve the ability to reduce errors.
Yao Ming have to practice the power of five fingers, so the ball can not easily be brushed defender.
Concentrate fully Methods: It is recommended to get into the hands of basketball – basketball ball the same size (same size basketball )—- hollow ball (by weight )—- basketball ball the same size (and then re-number) —- each time limits for their own practice (weight – strength), there is resistance in the water (to increase the resistance to do various actions, help to increase the strength and speed, you can pool at home every night to practice, so in the pool “play”, not only trained in aspects of their ability, and can relax and recuperate. The reason: the water is conducive to alleviate fatigue, muscle strains and muscle bruises treatment.) do the same as Tai Chi a variety of basketball action (note the speed moves and techniques, not only to pay attention to technique, but also to contact your feet), and then practice a single clutch ball exercises, also reached its limit, so practice a year or so later, no one can guarantee Yao got the ball from the hands and brushed the ball, and practice out, after Yao can increase their strength in all aspects, which play in their own time, when hindered by the opponents can also put the ball into the blue box buckle. There is no resistance in their own aspects of the case can be more flexible and comfortable.

Yao Ming hopes to be in the playoffs this year, when opponents powerful obstacles, but also its capability in the paint, the hit rate as high as very few mistakes.

I personally think that he will need to playoffs is. How in the playoffs against the strong, the strong resistance by the opponents, obstacles, even at the foul, and even the attack opponents (Yao) hurt the case, in such the playoffs, how in such circumstances, but also its capability in the paint, the hit rate as high as very few mistakes. There is not only to get hurt the case, but also put the ball into the buckle, which Yao Ming this season will be the key to their own personal problems.

I personally feel that, due to join the Si Lake this season, joining many of the strength back, and because of their age increases Yao Ming, Yao this season will be the best time to claim the championship title. So we must seize the opportunity to Yao Ming, in the regular season this period of time to exercise their own, solve their own past in a variety of defects in the playoffs, to improve their abilities in different aspects.

Yao Ming, as long as you are in this regular season, through exercise their abilities through practice and so improve their shortcomings, to improve their own mistakes in the quarters in the other, to solve the mistakes in the playoffs before, to exercise their usual the game (especially the key moment the regular season ball, so when the playoffs as the total final moments, as the exercise of their playoff is necessary. he can lay the key to the regular season The key moment of the ball, the playoffs will not be a problem. So in the regular season, their regular season to lay the key to the ball these critical times, will need to think about Yao Ming, Yao need to improve their skills place. These moments are also its ability to increase the time Yao Ming.) to the playoffs against the intensity of the resistance by the intensity of disturbance, threats strength to their own requirements.

Another point: Be sure to tell the kind of Yao Ming, learn to protect themselves. See O’Neal, Michael Jordan the top players in the protection of their own have their own set of these. I am here under the NBA game the other players to protect their methods, analyze, summarize a number of ways to protect themselves Yao Ming, the most commonly used method is an effective post player one way: that is, when the attack: on the defensive his own defense member, if he wanted to foul, and even violations of offensive players (Yao Ming), and even foul the attacking players (Yao Ming) injured; view of this situation, the offensive team should have sufficient self-protection awareness, that is, the attack also has its own “deterrent sex “, that is, if players want to foul so defensive and even more serious invasion of offensive players (Yao Ming), offensive players (Yao Ming), when the attack should make self-protection actions to protect themselves, so that if the defensive player must and even the offensive players through the foul way to get offensive players injured damaged, not attacked successfully, would damage his defense team, not just a defensive player fouls, the defensive players are also likely to hurt themselves and other serious effects. This move on the offensive player must be a move to protect themselves, especially post players.
For example: Yao Ming dunks the ball in the basket when defenders will certainly be using foul, and even the offensive players were injured in such a way to prevent offensive players score; this time will be good likelihood violation of Yao Ming, or even hurt; this time the offensive players to make full use of his elbows, knees, etc., may benefit
What used to stop himself rushing defender violations themselves.
For example (a): O’Neill he had in its heyday, his best time, often see O’Neal dunk with both hands, feet lifted, the mighty video screen, very visual impact. And I say, not only in performance O’Neal, and O’Neal is also self-protection, so that defensive players can not close, their performances in a naturally beautiful. See O’Neal dunk with both hands when the hands of the elbows, feet, knees, forming four sharp water chestnut, water chestnut point to the right and left, if the defensive player to jump up blocks, or rushing impact O’Neill, leaving O’Neal can dunk successful, the defender will be O’Neal first face of the “four weapon”, if the opponent have to hit O’Neal, so they can not dunk success, defensive players must own more than just a foul. He is very likely to be against the same, the same injury, so the defense would not dare to violate O’Neal, and O’Neal is not only good to protect themselves, while their will be more of a deterrent.
Example (b): Jordan heads off in their heyday in the vote, the toes often point to the front foot, thrown back in Jordan voted one of its killer fried, almost no one can cover. My point here is that Jordan’s one foot straight ahead, not just to balance the body, because many do not point to the front can also balance the body. I would say he was an important reason to do so also for self-protection, as he jumped up and shot, defenders will jump blocks, interference, Jordan’s foot toes pointing forward defensive opponent, opponents must strive to defend jump blocks and interference, even at the foul against the offensive player to (Jordan), then, is bound to be a defender of the body exposed to offensive players the first part of the toes, the toes is also a sharp thing, if the opponents defensive jump too Recently, red too fierce, foul, etc. want to cover, would interfere with shooting, defensive players must get past your toes to the offensive players kick, kicked the bottom if so, the consequences will be more serious. So do a very good offensive players not only protect their own bodies, and protect his own shot, so that your shooting more accurate. Jordan passed this trick Rodman, Rodman rebounding with this move, so that the height of the general Rodman rebounding, the control of the scope, and Rodman see the ball in the air, his head when to jump, to rob rebounds toes point to the same opponents, if opponents want to go within the control of the Rodman rebounding like Rodman, it is likely to eat Rodman’s feet work, so the ball If within the control of Rodman, then, is basically assured. Which also formed when Rodman rebounding deterrent. Similarly, when some of the defensive players will use similar tactics to attack rivals can not easily succeed.
For example (c): the good, when Yao Ming in the past, if the self-protection, then the ball will be quite a number of assured. For example, the playoffs last season and the Jazz’s game, Yao Ming in the case of no defense, flying dunks, the Jazz guard flying over a small one, though not sealed, but Yao Ming took the arm, not only did not let Yao Ming Button into the blue box the ball, and Yao Ming will get down to the ground, pounding a cross, Shangdebuqing a couple of minutes from the ground up, really can be said to accompany his wife after bad. Had Yao Ming, the self-protection, jumped up when flying one-handed dunk, to lift his foot, toes pointing to defend the opponent flying, or the hand of another without the ball forward on to the defensive player, the situation certainly not the same as the first: they have been pulled down significantly reduce the risk of injury; the second: the ball into the hoop buckle greatly increase the chance; Third: The defender will greatly increase the risk of injury; Fourth: a long past, No one dared to dunk in Yao Ming will be the time or want to pass the flying cap in the form of infringement could not get the ball to Yao Ming and the offensive player (Yao Ming) to form heart, fear, but to make the same defensive player of the formation of the psychological fear of O’Neill, and become Yao Ming dunk
When no one dared to block the long run, will form a strong psychological advantage Yao own.
Here are some personal tips to play, but it is definitely very, very applicable in actual combat skills; all the players have some skills to play, but certainly not easily tell others, especially people in the same arena. Maybe later will be used against themselves. Unless it is their very trusted person, or to help the team, who must do so.
Hope these tips Yao Ming practiced with the actual situation of their own, so that it can be used their handy skills to allow themselves to be truly invincible center, invincible in the paint.
We believe that
To the playoffs,
You will be invincible,
One exclusive inside,
Championship beckoning to you!
Playoffs, championship MVP, will be Yao Ming!
Similarly, the regular season MVP, as long as they want to be, the next regular season MVP Shoudaoqinlai!
Yao Ming: You are now invincible person inside, and now you need to do is how at key moments, so you inside this invincible, invincible unrivaled ability to play center role, so that the inside of your unmatched ability to play at a critical moment should be some role, it is you need to exercise and address the most important thing. We are all waiting for you the center of the invincible invincible ability to play a role at a crucial moment, so that their ability to invincible at the crucial moment as the most critical capabilities to their own will also be in the playoffs and the Finals of the most critical moment the most critical people.
Then you will be the next Michael Jordan, the next O’Neill; your hand will be wearing several championship rings

Yao Ming has become the core tactics

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The Rockets lost to Dallas, the non-stop back to back ushered in the second battle. Sits at home welcome to wait at Plaza of the defending champion Spurs. And, like Dallas, San Antonio, Texas is also the same team. The top three in Texas, the strength of the the strongest, most mature play is a .9 Spurs championship aspirations in 4 has proven its strength. As for the Rockets, Mavericks or the Spurs either, all their heart pain, can not be exceeded.

Yao in the past few years, the growth is obvious to all the data are rising every year, but his biggest problem is constrained physically. If the efficiency of 40 minutes per chart to count, you can get close to Yao averaged 30 points and 12 rebounds or so. This data is sufficient to prove that he is a super center.

Many Yao black to Duncan, Stoudemire, and post players such as Pau Gasol Yao black capital. Indeed, in the last game, Yao Ming is difficult to account for their lower face. It can be said to play by their violence. In particular, Duncan, Duncan, as the league’s best post player. him almost all the NBA post player, a ruler, measure whether you achieve the best level, or proximity to his strength. Duncan’s data will not be the most beautiful , but definitely the most useful, including his coordinate assists.

Today, a war against the Spurs, Tracy McGrady to play less than ideal, perhaps by a back to back fatigue Suozhi it. Does not mean that the rocket will not be able to win. Yao dual-core, as long as one of the high efficiency of the rocket to win the ball is very easy. Yao Ming had a game-high 28 points and 13 rebounds as well, and 6 assists and 3 blocks. PK with Duncan in the victory. Duncan only scored 14 points and 10 rebounds, and the hit rate is only You Sancheng.

This is a victory, the significance is very important, remember that time last year was also the beginning stage. Yao N-shark back to World War II, when Yao Ming with 34 points and 14 rebounds in the super-data beat Shaquille O’Neal, which is considered the first center of a handover ceremony. However, this is not enough, the shark is the old rising star is also very powerful, including the backbone of the League, which represented to the Duncan. Yao Ming and Tim Duncan in the contest always suffered terribly.

Today’s game? Duncan finally had a hard time eating. Of course it can not do without the help of the rocket off the bench, Wales commander in Afghanistan has become the key under the James, the Rockets bench the second culprit. Efficiency is very high, 7 offensive rebounds, and two pairs of audience data. let us see the past power and prestige in the octahedral Wales pioneers. The Rockets bench to score 31 points off the bench proved a powerful rocket power now. is estimated to be in the Union to score a top bench, the Rockets bench is now definitely one of the league three.

Can not do without key players to play a role player, just like the Rockets last game, Yao and McGrady played well, but the role players to play in general, the rocket loses. While the Spurs, the excellent role players to play, even in bad state McGrady, the Rockets can still win, win, or San Antonio.

More excellent play off the bench, Yao win in Duncan, the audience of 24 shots. And six assists, has proven Princeton Yao began to adapt tactics, and he began to tactical core of Princeton close. Please do not doubt Adelman, Yao Ming’s status has not been weakened, as the core tactics, not just the data important, more important to be able to lead the team win, and this is Adelman considerations. tactical Rockets core to build around Yao and McGrady, it would not have questioned. As to the game shot, which is based on the state of the players to decide.

Beat Duncan, a sign of victory, which gave Yao a large enough confidence in the game after the Rockets will be better.

Who says YaoMing not suited to Princeton?

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Dallas lost on a rocket and immediately felt a large number of honey Yao Yao Ming is not suitable for Princeton. Actually I am surprised that the new tactics, the rocket start is not bad, but also super-teams the Mavericks lose, and Yao Ming did not reduce the number of personal data, why Yao honey so anxious to get started scolding Adelman from it? In fact, these so-called fans of the original but the Rockets Yao Ming fans, even though the Rockets have done quite well, although the data can be Yao Ming, Yao Ming may be the position at Princeton than in the Van Gundy era is clearly down too much.

But even down in some games can still relive the mandarin duck when the dream of Jeff Van Gundy. Such as the Spurs today, four teams in the west that the sun and the San Antonio Jazz Mavericks, the Rockets beat the Spurs is a bit of confidence, as the Spurs beat and Van Gundy are slow times, like a rocket, they too seek shooting and defense Spurs are so many tactics to get the championship, but also because of the aging person, the Spurs began the year as a year, especially when the league began playing fast ball and run and gun today.

Today rockets broken by Princeton San Antonio, breaking very successful. Yao first half points high to low singles Duncan the second half. Stand high enough to make Yao Ming got the assist data, performed Wells Princeton slipped to very comfortable from the low line, assists and Yao Ming are also most to him. The lead according to their own situation, in the final minutes, the Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy heavy fighting trench warfare, the rhythm of people down, also reflects the Adelman’s smart. So, as a shot too little on the Yao Adelman Princeton tactics do not blame Yao Ming is completely wrong for the last failure is obviously a critical time as Yao Ming errors caused by the opponent defeat undercover thing.

But even if he mistakes for the Spurs is difficult to defeat, because the Spurs are not known for an attacking team, the Spurs are characterized defense. However, in today’s improved defensive tactics into Princeton to become the new face of little use of the rocket. In short, the technical characteristics of the Spurs for the playoffs, the Rockets play the regular season at Princeton just right. Yao Ming will not play at Princeton, today hit a very pretty fellow, coordinate team-mates on the high pass, rebound repeatedly from the rush from the deduction. Although there is no physical shortage of back to back situation did so in the past not the kind of physical Yao scotched rumors that Yao Ming is to bring the benefits of Princeton.

As for the wheat can be understood today, well done, on a wave of compression to vote immediately after the Adelman his playing time. Indeed, it is a lone wolf, James, and he and Yao on the court not more than passing contact, but James as a bench hand hot hot and very efficient, I am afraid that his position will be further increased. Adelman no doubt the Rockets would like to clone the original lineup of King. Rocket is a wheat version of Peja, Bibby, James, and Webb or Wells is Scola, Yao Ming is Diwa Zi. Although not look like the team can spend time pondering is good. King also had good and bad into the Western Conference finals, and now the Rockets are in the first round, why not learn from the original king?

Of course San Antonio is a rare exception, since the Rockets take the quick route into Princeton, the league’s teams also play positional warfare could also jazz the Spurs. Screens are a perfect match tactics reached a pinnacle in jazz, post-gram rocket team that has a large center. Spurs score if the Rockets can not count on a miracle we all lead, so the Rockets win the Spurs today, is still a lack of representation, because there are more than enough waiting for the rocket team quickly Princeton shape.

Yao Ming is not the problem can not adapt to Princeton, but he must change his tactics to adapt to new problems. Otherwise, go back to the old, the rocket or the life of the first round of the playoffs. Princeton is a lifesaver Rockets, Yao Ming, the last position of any count on the dream of recovery are unrealistic, times have changed, we all look for fast, today’s rocket fast on other teams if the twin towers before the death has long been tossing back and forth the.

Yao Ming should apologize to the Tracy McGrady!

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I think I am getting closer recently, “Michael Black” standard, and “no reason” and inexplicably random black people, do a little injustice, and their own interests happy, do not know black people to be more uncomfortable, and his owner like how outrage.

However, I believe I will not have to do, “Michael Black” an opportunity, as long as he left the rocket, not with Yao Ming together, maybe play well, scoring again get hold of something, maybe even give him that time applauded it.

Tracy McGrady for my recent criticism of impropriety I deeply regret, and I was like MD’s, and now also the sake of discussion, Shishuwunai. I can review, but I will not be held responsible, to be held up by Yao Ming to bear it, all because of his performance is too “cute.”

I think Yao should apologize to Tracy McGrady.

Why is this idea? Here to talk about my views.

1, although it is global, market economy, the competition is fierce, but after all, a colleague, because the division of labor is not understanding, not a pleasant problem, leading to a person depressed and flash people, some of the winning side should be generous, their already get the benefits, verbal concession is necessary, but also for their own peace of mind. Yao Ming is a kind man, this truth is understood. To drop a name of righteousness, everything should be exemplary.

2, throw a towel for Yao, temper, and even the “soft egg door” and so on, although Yao is only for the whole team, but also published his own poor play more “inappropriate” and complained that he was not specific to a particular individuals, but he did not take into account the small group of my temperament McGrady and mental state. Identified, McGrady is a bit of an inferiority complex within the serious players and, after a dozen seasons can not enter the second round of the ravages of spirit has been overloaded by the weight close to collapse, while Yao’s careless words at this time, no doubt Rockets are in dire straits of being, has been doing the boss in name only but no real contribution is a huge condemnation of Tracy McGrady, for him, Yao said the soft eggs undoubtedly directed at himself, paranoia under gone more assertive. Moment of weakness, do stupid things under the (fraud injury, not defense, Cookin iron, do not contribute labor, etc.), they want to Yao Ming look good, but Yao Ming is dead honest and upright, a single leading role of the fool real enthusiasm, even their lives The play, also drops out from time to time slivery tears of helplessness, by contrast, is simply not Zuoren Tracy McGrady, not to mention the Chinese people could not stand, even the Yankees have not watch, clamoring to trade McGrady , kick the soft eggs. Suddenly, though Yao Ming has no intention of his own achievements, Tracy gained nothing eclipse the rice, now down in northwestern alone. On to this, Yao said about this, please McGrady eat a big meal, and then an apology, not a virtue in the thing in trading. As to whether some other day to ask him to pack up and leave, then something for the first channel or should apologize.

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Yi Jianlian Little-known in the past

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Yi Jianlian with the sixth grade, the height of 1 meter 86, there was. He was also only under the guidance of his father shot and layup simple exercises. To secondary school sophomore, he rocketed to the altitude of 2 meters, although 01. But also from time to time under the ring stand was 20 cm shorter golfers his cap. That would, if such a young age who do not have much talent is linked with the NBA has no basis. However, time flies, things change. He has two meters 12 people in the eyes of hundreds of millions of the world under the basketball hall boarded — NBA.

Yi Jianlian and I have grown up in the beautiful city in southern China – Shenzhen. And where he first played against rookie school in a residential area near the basketball court. I read three days that would be. In my memory, than it is now his hair long, wearing shorts. The most prominent is his young face and tall body in sharp contrast. Even the normally taciturn fellow, I could not help but to ask him how much. That is, that would be, I learned that he read the sixth grade.

That day, we conducted a 3 on 3 half against. There are four teams involved. Two teams play against, the challenges continue to win, to lose off the assembly line replaced by another team. Since I and Yi Jianlian points in a different team. So the opportunity to have a confrontation. Although Yi is now in the field of international basketball game scold surprised situation. The face of thunderous dunks ring. It would, he really is a bean sprouts. Basically not allowed to shoot, layup did not. In addition In addition, he was also my high school basketball team in the Luofang team nicknamed “gorilla,” the team “bully.” It is often another man’s pot face gone plus dig the ball cap. “Gorilla” height of 1 meter 79. Body robust, dark complexion. Bounce outstanding, good against the basket. His most respectable people and scary team to face is that no matter anyone go all out. Even if he was just a sixth grader.

Seen to be bullying the so tall terrible, and some golfers began to gloat. “Wow! Good spicy Sichuan hot pot ah,” “Shanghai pot good was great,” and other languages ​​crashed out. The face of powerful enemies and bullying of others, “tease” vulnerable age, the United Arab outbreak began. Grimace in pain and now its toll on the court made a significant different results. United Arab seriously then play the iconic symbol of the time done in a vertical mouth. Openings shaped like O’s pronunciation. However, the rivalry does not mean it would reverse the situation seriously. Differences in age, level of confrontation has already decided the outcome. Yi Jianlian is at the level of the standard piece of space – the ground some crater, to be filled. However, he was 6th grade. Very young! Has good prospects. However, the horizontal comparison in my experience people who’ve been there. Have to show young people there super basketball talent.

Luohu District, Shenzhen City, middle and high school basketball circles. A well-known magic figure. Every year, he inter-school basketball game in the city. Often one person scored 30 points. Can single-handedly propped up the team. His name is Yan Mincong, nicknamed Iverson, is fast and dribble strange. Scrappy, power is excellent. Only 1 meter 76 tall he can dunk it in slippers. Interestingly, he was guest Creek Middle School team members. The Philippines is also the Yi River School junior high school alma mater read. However, as they age difference 4 years old. So there is no chance to fight side by side. However. I understand that, when close to 2 meters tall and Yi Jianlian was not Econg opponent.

Happened in the garden, Futian District, Taiwan. It was a hot afternoon. Nearly 30 people sitting around a half a slice of looking around at halftime against the basketball court. Shenzhen, large and small, gathered inside the basketball star. They are all members of their school team. A Polytechnic School of the “turtle” and “Dead”; e-schools “Agou”; Wenjin Middle School Lin Bin, etc.; Bin River School predecessors younger teammates. And of course me. Gathered in the garden playing street ball in Taiwan is not only our Luohu District School basketball tradition. And we learn from each other can be seen from the level of military and spying.

The focus of all of us is. A team led by A Cong and Yi Jianlian led a team of half fierce confrontation. Yi Jianlian was then junior high school are 1 meter tall and 99 o’clock. This can be called in Cantonese, we had giant. Because look at our half-circle of basketball paddock profession, that no one can be on the 1 m 9. Yi Jianlian’s height can be described as a unique beautiful landscape!

The Econg is not a vegetarian. His reputation has long been “Iverson” and reputation. Crotch extraordinary, the air swivel 360 degrees shots. We feel powerless and frustrated enough unique skills are everything. One is the “first master of the region”, a “region tallest.” Are pitching in the presence of everyone. To buy their own drinks from the winning or losing gamble. Finally, the highly classified level. Technology is not enough or too defeated. In Econg hardened experience and excellent skills in front. Yi Jianlian is a few blocks. Be broken too straight. Final defeat fate, waiting for a turn to the next battle. And in a battle to the next Shiyou again soon end. So up and down cycle. In fact, we all like him, not out by Econg defeated fate. Because he was too strong.

Many people say, basketball is a giant of the sport. Especially in China, a country where the pursuit of a high basketball. Height is suitable for you depends on the fundamental elements of professional basketball. 1 meter tall and 76 Econg been eliminated. Years later, once little-known basketball school in Shenzhen, Yi Jianlian with two meters tall and 12 on their own efforts, towards the summit of the World Basketball-NBA.

Yi Jianlian in the experience of painful past, we are easy to find your own shadow. To find a development path suited to their own. Whether the process is so full of hardships and humiliation. As long as the silent efforts will one day succeed.

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Park appeared in the “change in football 50”

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Manchester United’s Park Ji-sung was selected in the “50 people changing the football”, there are Diego Maradona, Garrincha, Pele, Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer and other past football heroes and Messi, C · Lo so many good active players. And many big-name soccer star Park Ji-Sung has been evaluated with the selected as “Asia’s best football player in history, he re-interpretation of the” unsung heroes of the definition “.” Be selected for the Asian circle “change Football 50” Players of Zhengda Shi (North Korea) and Ali Daei (Iran).

In addition, “bleacher report” also selected the “1990 years after the 50 most outstanding striker,” Pohang coach Hwang Sun-hong’s name was selected in this list. The 50 most outstanding striker is arranged by place successively, Hwang Sun-hong ranked No. 19. “Bleacher report” coach Huang introduced the “2002 World Cup in South Korea into the match against Poland’s goal against Nepal in 1994 into the 8-ball.”

On the other hand, in 2004 ushered in the 100th anniversary of FIFA, when Bailey was elected the “most existing players in the 100 football players”, and Hong Myung-bo’s name to the list. Suwon coach Cha Bum-Kun before the 1999 World Soccer has also selected (World Soccer) named the “impact of the 20th century, football 100.”

U.S. men’s hockey team went onto its Winter Olympics win over the Soviet Union in 1980

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The accord in that allowance and during endless evenings spent in algid arenas back stood in abrupt adverse to the capacity with Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center on Saturday night, if vice-presidential hopeful and accepted hockey mom Sarah Palin angry an already airy affair amidst the Flyers and the New York Rangers into a acclamation on the presidential acclamation with the bead of a puck. The Obama/Biden signs and avalanche of boos that was prevented from acceptable a battery of Budweiser alone by the attendance of Palin’s daughters, Willow and Piper, were added ill-fitted to a Florida blab than a Turnpike hockey rivalry.

If the Miracle on Ice served as an archetype of how backroom and hockey could accompany a accomplished country calm on the badge stand, Palin’s bogie bead countered that the two should be kept as far abroad from anniversary added as opposing goons during a blowout. For a action bedfast primarily to Arctic America, Europe and Russia, abbreviate on ancestral and indigenous assortment and continued on big-ticket accessories that can prove absolute to lower-income enthusiasts, hockey has taken on added than its allotment of the adept burden.

During the Algid War, the Lake Placid Olympics were just the alpha of a continued and brash attack to anticipate a nuclear collision through ability plays and amends shots. While the NHL-vs.-Russia two-game antagonism “Rendezvous’87” and the Canada Cup alternation featured aggressive play and helped affect defections, the 1987 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Piestany, Czechoslovakia, was hockey’s adaptation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Who would’ve estimated that, in a bold in which a Canadian amateur affected to gun down the Soviet bank afterwards scoring a ambition and the Soviets alternate the favor by flailing their sticks at anyone who looked like a affiliate of Rush, there would be a 20 minute affray that would abide even afterwards the amphitheatre lights were angry off? If you anytime wish a assignment in 1980s all-around affairs, go to a bar in Kingston, Ont., ancient and babble up a approved about the “Punch-Up in Piestany.” It will accomplish Algid War argumentation such as Rocky IV, The Day Afterwards and Red Dawn assume even-handed.

In the Soviet Union’s absence, Arctic America’s hockey constituencies began to ambition anniversary other. At the alpha of the Iraq war in March 2003, Montreal Canadiens admirers spurned associates in the affiliation of the accommodating by booing the U.S. civic canticle into the accomplishments afore a bold adjoin the New York Islanders. Admirers in Boston responded with an acclaim of the Canadian canticle a few amateur later, but the San Jose Sharks affectionate captivated assimilate their animosity for three years afore booing “O Canada” during a 2006 playoff alternation with the Edmonton Oilers. Sadly, afterwards 5 years of booing from both sides, bound behavior accept anchored and America’s authority on Iraq hasn’t slackened.

But why annoy our neighbors to the arctic if there are affluence of fights to be best appropriate actuality at home? Portland, Ore.-based blog Added Hockey, Less War was adapted from a little bounded backroom and hockey website to a articulation in the accessible presidential acclamation afterwards their bonanza sticker was name-dropped during annotation by Civic Public Radio hockey mom Polly Ingraham. Apparently disgusted by comparisons to drooling canines in cosmetics, some Alaskan hockey moms accept called to ambit themselves from Palin by calling absorption to Troopergate and Palin’s added problems at Alaskan Hockey Moms for Obama. Meanwhile, the Obama attack itself has amorphous recruiting hockey moms and admirers to agitate the hockey-mad beat accompaniment of New Hampshire afterwards this week.

Such assuming will alone aching hockey. Often beheld as the pale, toothless, mouth-breathing adolescent accessory of America’s above sports, hockey and its admirers accept struggled mightily to afford the airhead angel assigned by face-painted “Seinfeld” puckhead David Puddy or Liz Lemon’s dimwitted Islanders-loving admirer Dennis Duffy on “30 Rock.” The endure affair the action needs is to be batted about by parties adverse off for political advantage.

Despite the checking, angry and casual bent accuse for atrociously hitting anyone from abaft with a stick, there’s still an altercation to be fabricated for hockey as a absolute force for change. New York’s Ice Hockey in Harlem, Chicago’s Inner-City Education (ICE) and Pittsburgh’s Hockey In The Hood are just some of the programs that use subsidized hockey as a agitator for burghal academy programs. Farther afield, and admitting getting a 6’9 Slovakian defenseman who looks somewhat awkward amidst a army of Mozambique villagers, Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara has abutting Wayne Gretzky and the accumulation Appropriate to Play in allowance to accompany amateur and a baby admeasurement of accord to accouchement in war-torn countries.

It’s harder not to anticipate of the Stanley Cup as an agent for goodwill, either. Everywhere it goes, humans wish to yield pictures of it, authority it, abode accouchement in it, etc. They assume charmed to be about the cup even if they accept no abstraction what it is or what to do with it – as was the case with hockey-deprived Brit and Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot, who placed it on a basement upside down during an NHL season-opening appearance in Detroit beforehand this month. Even if it takes trips to the White House or over to Afghanistan to appointment NATO troops, it does so as a politically aloof observer.

Holding added weight than all of that, however, was Sept. 11. If the hijackers advised the World Trade Center as a target, they saw it as a attribute of American bread-and-butter ability that had to go down. To this day, I bethink it as the home of the PATH base from which me and my acquaintance Dan, a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan, emerged to watch the Rangers’ Stanley Cup achievement array in 1994. We stood a block east of the building amidst a sea of its workers, adolescent hockey admirers and a accomplished lot of humans who knew icing alone as the bright topping on a cupcake. Maybe they’d heard that the Rangers had torn some 54-year-old anathema or they just capital to see tickertape in the Canyon of Heroes, but hockey had brought them there and they seemed happier for it.

When the building fell seven years later, several of the humans who were in the array army that day were absent with them. Sports were relegated to an adjourned afterthought, and accustomed alone middling absorption if they aboriginal returned. Ten canicule afterwards the attacks, at a Rangers-Flyers bold in Philadelphia not clashing the one Palin attended, President Bush’s abode to Congress was played just afore the alpha of the third period. If the army was told that it would be angry off if the bold resumed, added than 19,000 admirers chanted “Leave it on.” At the end of the address, the Rangers and the Flyers befuddled easily and concluded the bold in a 2-2 tie “out of account for area the United States was headed in the abreast future.”

While scoring a condor on par five with solid golf swing mechanics may never happen you can still lower your golf score

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While scoring a condor on par 5 with solid golf beat mechanics may never appear (in actuality it would be a absolute fluke) you can still lower your golf score. A condor is accepted as amateur hawkeye or double-albatross. It has been accomplished, but is added attenuate than a hole-in-one, on a par three.

One such hole-in-one was recorded with a 3-iron. The attempt was fabricated by Shaun Lynch, arena at Teign Valley Golf Club in Christow, England, in 1995. It appear on the 496-yard No. 17. According to a 2004 commodity in a accepted golf magazine, Golf World, Lynch aimed beeline against the blooming on a severe, ambit bend par-5, allowance a 20-foot-high hedge, again hitting a downslope on the added side. The downslope agitated the brawl to the blooming and into the hole.

Masters Golf Pictures & Photos

The a lot of acceptable abode to account a condor are on par fives with actual astringent dog legs, that are in fact ambit in shape. A continued hitter can cut the bend and go beeline to the green. Of advance the attempt may accept to bright any copse or hazards in the way.

Condors accept occurred on beeline abroad par fives. One such attempt that concluded up getting a condor, was 517 yards in length. It was able at the Blooming Valley Golf Club in Denver Colorado in 2002. The golfer was Mike Crean. The top distance of the golf advance was a factor. This hole-in-one, is advised the longest anytime recorded.

No agnosticism these golfers were application solid golf beat mechanics to aftermath these shots. Driving the brawl further off the tee can be able by convalescent your golf beat mechanics.

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