Yi Jianlian Little-known in the past

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Yi Jianlian with the sixth grade, the height of 1 meter 86, there was. He was also only under the guidance of his father shot and layup simple exercises. To secondary school sophomore, he rocketed to the altitude of 2 meters, although 01. But also from time to time under the ring stand was 20 cm shorter golfers his cap. That would, if such a young age who do not have much talent is linked with the NBA has no basis. However, time flies, things change. He has two meters 12 people in the eyes of hundreds of millions of the world under the basketball hall boarded — NBA.

Yi Jianlian and I have grown up in the beautiful city in southern China – Shenzhen. And where he first played against rookie school in a residential area near the basketball court. I read three days that would be. In my memory, than it is now his hair long, wearing shorts. The most prominent is his young face and tall body in sharp contrast. Even the normally taciturn fellow, I could not help but to ask him how much. That is, that would be, I learned that he read the sixth grade.

That day, we conducted a 3 on 3 half against. There are four teams involved. Two teams play against, the challenges continue to win, to lose off the assembly line replaced by another team. Since I and Yi Jianlian points in a different team. So the opportunity to have a confrontation. Although Yi is now in the field of international basketball game scold surprised situation. The face of thunderous dunks ring. It would, he really is a bean sprouts. Basically not allowed to shoot, layup did not. In addition In addition, he was also my high school basketball team in the Luofang team nicknamed “gorilla,” the team “bully.” It is often another man’s pot face gone plus dig the ball cap. “Gorilla” height of 1 meter 79. Body robust, dark complexion. Bounce outstanding, good against the basket. His most respectable people and scary team to face is that no matter anyone go all out. Even if he was just a sixth grader.

Seen to be bullying the so tall terrible, and some golfers began to gloat. “Wow! Good spicy Sichuan hot pot ah,” “Shanghai pot good was great,” and other languages ​​crashed out. The face of powerful enemies and bullying of others, “tease” vulnerable age, the United Arab outbreak began. Grimace in pain and now its toll on the court made a significant different results. United Arab seriously then play the iconic symbol of the time done in a vertical mouth. Openings shaped like O’s pronunciation. However, the rivalry does not mean it would reverse the situation seriously. Differences in age, level of confrontation has already decided the outcome. Yi Jianlian is at the level of the standard piece of space – the ground some crater, to be filled. However, he was 6th grade. Very young! Has good prospects. However, the horizontal comparison in my experience people who’ve been there. Have to show young people there super basketball talent.

Luohu District, Shenzhen City, middle and high school basketball circles. A well-known magic figure. Every year, he inter-school basketball game in the city. Often one person scored 30 points. Can single-handedly propped up the team. His name is Yan Mincong, nicknamed Iverson, is fast and dribble strange. Scrappy, power is excellent. Only 1 meter 76 tall he can dunk it in slippers. Interestingly, he was guest Creek Middle School team members. The Philippines is also the Yi River School junior high school alma mater read. However, as they age difference 4 years old. So there is no chance to fight side by side. However. I understand that, when close to 2 meters tall and Yi Jianlian was not Econg opponent.

Happened in the garden, Futian District, Taiwan. It was a hot afternoon. Nearly 30 people sitting around a half a slice of looking around at halftime against the basketball court. Shenzhen, large and small, gathered inside the basketball star. They are all members of their school team. A Polytechnic School of the “turtle” and “Dead”; e-schools “Agou”; Wenjin Middle School Lin Bin, etc.; Bin River School predecessors younger teammates. And of course me. Gathered in the garden playing street ball in Taiwan is not only our Luohu District School basketball tradition. And we learn from each other can be seen from the level of military and spying.

The focus of all of us is. A team led by A Cong and Yi Jianlian led a team of half fierce confrontation. Yi Jianlian was then junior high school are 1 meter tall and 99 o’clock. This can be called in Cantonese, we had giant. Because look at our half-circle of basketball paddock profession, that no one can be on the 1 m 9. Yi Jianlian’s height can be described as a unique beautiful landscape!

The Econg is not a vegetarian. His reputation has long been “Iverson” and reputation. Crotch extraordinary, the air swivel 360 degrees shots. We feel powerless and frustrated enough unique skills are everything. One is the “first master of the region”, a “region tallest.” Are pitching in the presence of everyone. To buy their own drinks from the winning or losing gamble. Finally, the highly classified level. Technology is not enough or too defeated. In Econg hardened experience and excellent skills in front. Yi Jianlian is a few blocks. Be broken too straight. Final defeat fate, waiting for a turn to the next battle. And in a battle to the next Shiyou again soon end. So up and down cycle. In fact, we all like him, not out by Econg defeated fate. Because he was too strong.

Many people say, basketball is a giant of the sport. Especially in China, a country where the pursuit of a high basketball. Height is suitable for you depends on the fundamental elements of professional basketball. 1 meter tall and 76 Econg been eliminated. Years later, once little-known basketball school in Shenzhen, Yi Jianlian with two meters tall and 12 on their own efforts, towards the summit of the World Basketball-NBA.

Yi Jianlian in the experience of painful past, we are easy to find your own shadow. To find a development path suited to their own. Whether the process is so full of hardships and humiliation. As long as the silent efforts will one day succeed.

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