Yao Ming should apologize to the Tracy McGrady!

April 23, 2011 at 1:16 am | Posted in sports | Leave a comment

I think I am getting closer recently, “Michael Black” standard, and “no reason” and inexplicably random black people, do a little injustice, and their own interests happy, do not know black people to be more uncomfortable, and his owner like how outrage.

However, I believe I will not have to do, “Michael Black” an opportunity, as long as he left the rocket, not with Yao Ming together, maybe play well, scoring again get hold of something, maybe even give him that time applauded it.

Tracy McGrady for my recent criticism of impropriety I deeply regret, and I was like MD’s, and now also the sake of discussion, Shishuwunai. I can review, but I will not be held responsible, to be held up by Yao Ming to bear it, all because of his performance is too “cute.”

I think Yao should apologize to Tracy McGrady.

Why is this idea? Here to talk about my views.

1, although it is global, market economy, the competition is fierce, but after all, a colleague, because the division of labor is not understanding, not a pleasant problem, leading to a person depressed and flash people, some of the winning side should be generous, their already get the benefits, verbal concession is necessary, but also for their own peace of mind. Yao Ming is a kind man, this truth is understood. To drop a name of righteousness, everything should be exemplary.

2, throw a towel for Yao, temper, and even the “soft egg door” and so on, although Yao is only for the whole team, but also published his own poor play more “inappropriate” and complained that he was not specific to a particular individuals, but he did not take into account the small group of my temperament McGrady and mental state. Identified, McGrady is a bit of an inferiority complex within the serious players and, after a dozen seasons can not enter the second round of the ravages of spirit has been overloaded by the weight close to collapse, while Yao’s careless words at this time, no doubt Rockets are in dire straits of being, has been doing the boss in name only but no real contribution is a huge condemnation of Tracy McGrady, for him, Yao said the soft eggs undoubtedly directed at himself, paranoia under gone more assertive. Moment of weakness, do stupid things under the (fraud injury, not defense, Cookin iron, do not contribute labor, etc.), they want to Yao Ming look good, but Yao Ming is dead honest and upright, a single leading role of the fool real enthusiasm, even their lives The play, also drops out from time to time slivery tears of helplessness, by contrast, is simply not Zuoren Tracy McGrady, not to mention the Chinese people could not stand, even the Yankees have not watch, clamoring to trade McGrady , kick the soft eggs. Suddenly, though Yao Ming has no intention of his own achievements, Tracy gained nothing eclipse the rice, now down in northwestern alone. On to this, Yao said about this, please McGrady eat a big meal, and then an apology, not a virtue in the thing in trading. As to whether some other day to ask him to pack up and leave, then something for the first channel or should apologize.

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