Who says YaoMing not suited to Princeton?

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Dallas lost on a rocket and immediately felt a large number of honey Yao Yao Ming is not suitable for Princeton. Actually I am surprised that the new tactics, the rocket start is not bad, but also super-teams the Mavericks lose, and Yao Ming did not reduce the number of personal data, why Yao honey so anxious to get started scolding Adelman from it? In fact, these so-called fans of the original but the Rockets Yao Ming fans, even though the Rockets have done quite well, although the data can be Yao Ming, Yao Ming may be the position at Princeton than in the Van Gundy era is clearly down too much.

But even down in some games can still relive the mandarin duck when the dream of Jeff Van Gundy. Such as the Spurs today, four teams in the west that the sun and the San Antonio Jazz Mavericks, the Rockets beat the Spurs is a bit of confidence, as the Spurs beat and Van Gundy are slow times, like a rocket, they too seek shooting and defense Spurs are so many tactics to get the championship, but also because of the aging person, the Spurs began the year as a year, especially when the league began playing fast ball and run and gun today.

Today rockets broken by Princeton San Antonio, breaking very successful. Yao first half points high to low singles Duncan the second half. Stand high enough to make Yao Ming got the assist data, performed Wells Princeton slipped to very comfortable from the low line, assists and Yao Ming are also most to him. The lead according to their own situation, in the final minutes, the Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy heavy fighting trench warfare, the rhythm of people down, also reflects the Adelman’s smart. So, as a shot too little on the Yao Adelman Princeton tactics do not blame Yao Ming is completely wrong for the last failure is obviously a critical time as Yao Ming errors caused by the opponent defeat undercover thing.

But even if he mistakes for the Spurs is difficult to defeat, because the Spurs are not known for an attacking team, the Spurs are characterized defense. However, in today’s improved defensive tactics into Princeton to become the new face of little use of the rocket. In short, the technical characteristics of the Spurs for the playoffs, the Rockets play the regular season at Princeton just right. Yao Ming will not play at Princeton, today hit a very pretty fellow, coordinate team-mates on the high pass, rebound repeatedly from the rush from the deduction. Although there is no physical shortage of back to back situation did so in the past not the kind of physical Yao scotched rumors that Yao Ming is to bring the benefits of Princeton.

As for the wheat can be understood today, well done, on a wave of compression to vote immediately after the Adelman his playing time. Indeed, it is a lone wolf, James, and he and Yao on the court not more than passing contact, but James as a bench hand hot hot and very efficient, I am afraid that his position will be further increased. Adelman no doubt the Rockets would like to clone the original lineup of King. Rocket is a wheat version of Peja, Bibby, James, and Webb or Wells is Scola, Yao Ming is Diwa Zi. Although not look like the team can spend time pondering is good. King also had good and bad into the Western Conference finals, and now the Rockets are in the first round, why not learn from the original king?

Of course San Antonio is a rare exception, since the Rockets take the quick route into Princeton, the league’s teams also play positional warfare could also jazz the Spurs. Screens are a perfect match tactics reached a pinnacle in jazz, post-gram rocket team that has a large center. Spurs score if the Rockets can not count on a miracle we all lead, so the Rockets win the Spurs today, is still a lack of representation, because there are more than enough waiting for the rocket team quickly Princeton shape.

Yao Ming is not the problem can not adapt to Princeton, but he must change his tactics to adapt to new problems. Otherwise, go back to the old, the rocket or the life of the first round of the playoffs. Princeton is a lifesaver Rockets, Yao Ming, the last position of any count on the dream of recovery are unrealistic, times have changed, we all look for fast, today’s rocket fast on other teams if the twin towers before the death has long been tossing back and forth the.


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