Yao Ming has become the core tactics

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The Rockets lost to Dallas, the non-stop back to back ushered in the second battle. Sits at home welcome to wait at Plaza of the defending champion Spurs. And, like Dallas, San Antonio, Texas is also the same team. The top three in Texas, the strength of the the strongest, most mature play is a .9 Spurs championship aspirations in 4 has proven its strength. As for the Rockets, Mavericks or the Spurs either, all their heart pain, can not be exceeded.

Yao in the past few years, the growth is obvious to all the data are rising every year, but his biggest problem is constrained physically. If the efficiency of 40 minutes per chart to count, you can get close to Yao averaged 30 points and 12 rebounds or so. This data is sufficient to prove that he is a super center.

Many Yao black to Duncan, Stoudemire, and post players such as Pau Gasol Yao black capital. Indeed, in the last game, Yao Ming is difficult to account for their lower face. It can be said to play by their violence. In particular, Duncan, Duncan, as the league’s best post player. him almost all the NBA post player, a ruler, measure whether you achieve the best level, or proximity to his strength. Duncan’s data will not be the most beautiful , but definitely the most useful, including his coordinate assists.

Today, a war against the Spurs, Tracy McGrady to play less than ideal, perhaps by a back to back fatigue Suozhi it. Does not mean that the rocket will not be able to win. Yao dual-core, as long as one of the high efficiency of the rocket to win the ball is very easy. Yao Ming had a game-high 28 points and 13 rebounds as well, and 6 assists and 3 blocks. PK with Duncan in the victory. Duncan only scored 14 points and 10 rebounds, and the hit rate is only You Sancheng.

This is a victory, the significance is very important, remember that time last year was also the beginning stage. Yao N-shark back to World War II, when Yao Ming with 34 points and 14 rebounds in the super-data beat Shaquille O’Neal, which is considered the first center of a handover ceremony. However, this is not enough, the shark is the old rising star is also very powerful, including the backbone of the League, which represented to the Duncan. Yao Ming and Tim Duncan in the contest always suffered terribly.

Today’s game? Duncan finally had a hard time eating. Of course it can not do without the help of the rocket off the bench, Wales commander in Afghanistan has become the key under the James, the Rockets bench the second culprit. Efficiency is very high, 7 offensive rebounds, and two pairs of audience data. let us see the past power and prestige in the octahedral Wales pioneers. The Rockets bench to score 31 points off the bench proved a powerful rocket power now. is estimated to be in the Union to score a top bench, the Rockets bench is now definitely one of the league three.

Can not do without key players to play a role player, just like the Rockets last game, Yao and McGrady played well, but the role players to play in general, the rocket loses. While the Spurs, the excellent role players to play, even in bad state McGrady, the Rockets can still win, win, or San Antonio.

More excellent play off the bench, Yao win in Duncan, the audience of 24 shots. And six assists, has proven Princeton Yao began to adapt tactics, and he began to tactical core of Princeton close. Please do not doubt Adelman, Yao Ming’s status has not been weakened, as the core tactics, not just the data important, more important to be able to lead the team win, and this is Adelman considerations. tactical Rockets core to build around Yao and McGrady, it would not have questioned. As to the game shot, which is based on the state of the players to decide.

Beat Duncan, a sign of victory, which gave Yao a large enough confidence in the game after the Rockets will be better.


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