Yao Ming will be aspirations in the championship Cup this year

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Center Yao Ming is already invincible, but also need to improve the ability of the season: “reduce errors,” the ability and the “self-protection” capability.
A: To improve the ability to reduce errors.
Yao Ming have to practice the power of five fingers, so the ball can not easily be brushed defender.
Concentrate fully Methods: It is recommended to get into the hands of basketball – basketball ball the same size (same size basketball )—- hollow ball (by weight )—- basketball ball the same size (and then re-number) —- each time limits for their own practice (weight – strength), there is resistance in the water (to increase the resistance to do various actions, help to increase the strength and speed, you can pool at home every night to practice, so in the pool “play”, not only trained in aspects of their ability, and can relax and recuperate. The reason: the water is conducive to alleviate fatigue, muscle strains and muscle bruises treatment.) do the same as Tai Chi a variety of basketball action (note the speed moves and techniques, not only to pay attention to technique, but also to contact your feet), and then practice a single clutch ball exercises, also reached its limit, so practice a year or so later, no one can guarantee Yao got the ball from the hands and brushed the ball, and practice out, after Yao can increase their strength in all aspects, which play in their own time, when hindered by the opponents can also put the ball into the blue box buckle. There is no resistance in their own aspects of the case can be more flexible and comfortable.

Yao Ming hopes to be in the playoffs this year, when opponents powerful obstacles, but also its capability in the paint, the hit rate as high as very few mistakes.

I personally think that he will need to playoffs is. How in the playoffs against the strong, the strong resistance by the opponents, obstacles, even at the foul, and even the attack opponents (Yao) hurt the case, in such the playoffs, how in such circumstances, but also its capability in the paint, the hit rate as high as very few mistakes. There is not only to get hurt the case, but also put the ball into the buckle, which Yao Ming this season will be the key to their own personal problems.

I personally feel that, due to join the Si Lake this season, joining many of the strength back, and because of their age increases Yao Ming, Yao this season will be the best time to claim the championship title. So we must seize the opportunity to Yao Ming, in the regular season this period of time to exercise their own, solve their own past in a variety of defects in the playoffs, to improve their abilities in different aspects.

Yao Ming, as long as you are in this regular season, through exercise their abilities through practice and so improve their shortcomings, to improve their own mistakes in the quarters in the other, to solve the mistakes in the playoffs before, to exercise their usual the game (especially the key moment the regular season ball, so when the playoffs as the total final moments, as the exercise of their playoff is necessary. he can lay the key to the regular season The key moment of the ball, the playoffs will not be a problem. So in the regular season, their regular season to lay the key to the ball these critical times, will need to think about Yao Ming, Yao need to improve their skills place. These moments are also its ability to increase the time Yao Ming.) to the playoffs against the intensity of the resistance by the intensity of disturbance, threats strength to their own requirements.

Another point: Be sure to tell the kind of Yao Ming, learn to protect themselves. See O’Neal, Michael Jordan the top players in the protection of their own have their own set of these. I am here under the NBA game the other players to protect their methods, analyze, summarize a number of ways to protect themselves Yao Ming, the most commonly used method is an effective post player one way: that is, when the attack: on the defensive his own defense member, if he wanted to foul, and even violations of offensive players (Yao Ming), and even foul the attacking players (Yao Ming) injured; view of this situation, the offensive team should have sufficient self-protection awareness, that is, the attack also has its own “deterrent sex “, that is, if players want to foul so defensive and even more serious invasion of offensive players (Yao Ming), offensive players (Yao Ming), when the attack should make self-protection actions to protect themselves, so that if the defensive player must and even the offensive players through the foul way to get offensive players injured damaged, not attacked successfully, would damage his defense team, not just a defensive player fouls, the defensive players are also likely to hurt themselves and other serious effects. This move on the offensive player must be a move to protect themselves, especially post players.
For example: Yao Ming dunks the ball in the basket when defenders will certainly be using foul, and even the offensive players were injured in such a way to prevent offensive players score; this time will be good likelihood violation of Yao Ming, or even hurt; this time the offensive players to make full use of his elbows, knees, etc., may benefit
What used to stop himself rushing defender violations themselves.
For example (a): O’Neill he had in its heyday, his best time, often see O’Neal dunk with both hands, feet lifted, the mighty video screen, very visual impact. And I say, not only in performance O’Neal, and O’Neal is also self-protection, so that defensive players can not close, their performances in a naturally beautiful. See O’Neal dunk with both hands when the hands of the elbows, feet, knees, forming four sharp water chestnut, water chestnut point to the right and left, if the defensive player to jump up blocks, or rushing impact O’Neill, leaving O’Neal can dunk successful, the defender will be O’Neal first face of the “four weapon”, if the opponent have to hit O’Neal, so they can not dunk success, defensive players must own more than just a foul. He is very likely to be against the same, the same injury, so the defense would not dare to violate O’Neal, and O’Neal is not only good to protect themselves, while their will be more of a deterrent.
Example (b): Jordan heads off in their heyday in the vote, the toes often point to the front foot, thrown back in Jordan voted one of its killer fried, almost no one can cover. My point here is that Jordan’s one foot straight ahead, not just to balance the body, because many do not point to the front can also balance the body. I would say he was an important reason to do so also for self-protection, as he jumped up and shot, defenders will jump blocks, interference, Jordan’s foot toes pointing forward defensive opponent, opponents must strive to defend jump blocks and interference, even at the foul against the offensive player to (Jordan), then, is bound to be a defender of the body exposed to offensive players the first part of the toes, the toes is also a sharp thing, if the opponents defensive jump too Recently, red too fierce, foul, etc. want to cover, would interfere with shooting, defensive players must get past your toes to the offensive players kick, kicked the bottom if so, the consequences will be more serious. So do a very good offensive players not only protect their own bodies, and protect his own shot, so that your shooting more accurate. Jordan passed this trick Rodman, Rodman rebounding with this move, so that the height of the general Rodman rebounding, the control of the scope, and Rodman see the ball in the air, his head when to jump, to rob rebounds toes point to the same opponents, if opponents want to go within the control of the Rodman rebounding like Rodman, it is likely to eat Rodman’s feet work, so the ball If within the control of Rodman, then, is basically assured. Which also formed when Rodman rebounding deterrent. Similarly, when some of the defensive players will use similar tactics to attack rivals can not easily succeed.
For example (c): the good, when Yao Ming in the past, if the self-protection, then the ball will be quite a number of assured. For example, the playoffs last season and the Jazz’s game, Yao Ming in the case of no defense, flying dunks, the Jazz guard flying over a small one, though not sealed, but Yao Ming took the arm, not only did not let Yao Ming Button into the blue box the ball, and Yao Ming will get down to the ground, pounding a cross, Shangdebuqing a couple of minutes from the ground up, really can be said to accompany his wife after bad. Had Yao Ming, the self-protection, jumped up when flying one-handed dunk, to lift his foot, toes pointing to defend the opponent flying, or the hand of another without the ball forward on to the defensive player, the situation certainly not the same as the first: they have been pulled down significantly reduce the risk of injury; the second: the ball into the hoop buckle greatly increase the chance; Third: The defender will greatly increase the risk of injury; Fourth: a long past, No one dared to dunk in Yao Ming will be the time or want to pass the flying cap in the form of infringement could not get the ball to Yao Ming and the offensive player (Yao Ming) to form heart, fear, but to make the same defensive player of the formation of the psychological fear of O’Neill, and become Yao Ming dunk
When no one dared to block the long run, will form a strong psychological advantage Yao own.
Here are some personal tips to play, but it is definitely very, very applicable in actual combat skills; all the players have some skills to play, but certainly not easily tell others, especially people in the same arena. Maybe later will be used against themselves. Unless it is their very trusted person, or to help the team, who must do so.
Hope these tips Yao Ming practiced with the actual situation of their own, so that it can be used their handy skills to allow themselves to be truly invincible center, invincible in the paint.
We believe that
To the playoffs,
You will be invincible,
One exclusive inside,
Championship beckoning to you!
Playoffs, championship MVP, will be Yao Ming!
Similarly, the regular season MVP, as long as they want to be, the next regular season MVP Shoudaoqinlai!
Yao Ming: You are now invincible person inside, and now you need to do is how at key moments, so you inside this invincible, invincible unrivaled ability to play center role, so that the inside of your unmatched ability to play at a critical moment should be some role, it is you need to exercise and address the most important thing. We are all waiting for you the center of the invincible invincible ability to play a role at a crucial moment, so that their ability to invincible at the crucial moment as the most critical capabilities to their own will also be in the playoffs and the Finals of the most critical moment the most critical people.
Then you will be the next Michael Jordan, the next O’Neill; your hand will be wearing several championship rings


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