Women’s compensation is lower than men’s soccer

April 28, 2011 at 1:01 am | Posted in sports | 1 Comment

In the warm-up match on March 19 injured in China and the DPRK women’s football international, Gu Yasha, and today the Chinese Football Association will carry out the 5 million check in Beiyisanyuan received surgery to repair knee ligament. Director of Football Guo Guanbu Causing disclosed yesterday that the Football Association launched from a new system this year, Guo Zihao mobilized to ensure that injured striker receive timely medical treatment and financial compensation. The men’s soccer goalkeeper Zeng Cheng has become the first beneficiaries of the new system.

■ wounded on the new system to ensure timely and internationals

Afternoon in Qingdao on 19 July, when the Chinese team and the Korean team to the middle of the match, Gu Yasha struggling to stop the North Korean team for a volley at close range in front of the wounded mind end. Rule of thumb to determine Gu Yasha Wang Dongzhen doctor was not injured bones. But the military governor of the foot control center field, deputy director of requirements, Yuhong Chen insists the team sent to the hospital for closer examination Gu Yasha. Gu Yasha MRI showed torn knee medial ligament under the beam, but not broken, and gradually recovered by conservative treatment. However, considering the interests of members of the body and personal responsibility, Yu Hong-chen Gu Yasha finally decided to implement the surgery as soon as possible.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the Football Association for Gu Yasha surgery cost 5 million check has been approved is completed. Causing said, “score is important, but we must treat those who serve athletes. So this year we introduced a new system should be the first time to implement the treatment injured striker, Gu Yasha can implement the operation one week after the injury is the case.”

■ Football Association after the full implementation of economic compensation for injury

Healing injured striker in a timely manner, the Chinese Football Association has also embarked on the implementation of international, was injured through the system of economic compensation. Causing said yesterday, in the March 25 Chinese team and the New Zealand national football team goalkeeper warm-up match injuries Chinese Football Association has sincerity would definitely get financial compensation. Causing said, “was sincere then the lungs caused by his opponent hit the rib contusion, he was ahead of the rest in two rounds to miss. So we will pay him compensation.” Causing explained, taking into account the soccer leagues and international, most of the market mainstay for the club, the Chinese Football Association Super League clubs to determine the current average income of the main players injured in international, as payment of compensation, specifically pay for its number of rounds to miss the league as the unit. “If 90 million annual salary, a super striker, who injured mobilized in the national team, then by calculating single-season 30, he held up one of each league, will get a 3 million as compensation.” Causing also revealed that the current FA to Guo Zihao players all buy accident insurance. If the insurance amount sufficient to offset the striker treatment, then the difference will be charged the Chinese Football Association.

■ Women’s compensation is lower than men’s soccer

Women’s soccer team taking into account the weakness of the market than the Chinese Football Association Women’s injured striker in determining the financial compensation approach is also distinguished with the soccer team. Causing explained, “After all, unlike the men’s football Women concerned that high market appeal of large, cost-effective enough. So for the injured women’s football striker, we do not follow the standard men’s soccer compensation. But we will arrange for these internationals to receive rehabilitation treatment team, as far as possible in accordance with their standard of treatment at the local team to pay benefits for them. “Currently, Ma Xiaoxu, Weng Xinzhi two internationals is in accordance with such standards Women receiving compensation, even if the injury is, they will receive each 100 days of the national subsidy.

Causing confirmed that the more stringent financial system related to the current 100 per day internationals subsidies not going to improve. But the economy is not well-off women’s football, football game will be a major outlet, or by increasing the amount of ways to win prizes striker Women curve assistance. “After all, unlike the past, now women’s football as easily can move the World Series, this approach not only encourages players to play well, but also to improve their income as much as possible.” Causing said.


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