I also have a worth remembering past

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Fifth Billiards and exhibition facilities at Pazhou International Exhibition recently held yesterday, Pan Xiaoting famous billiards player, Tian Pengfei, “billiards Emperor” Hendry, Korean girls Kim Jia Ying Hall in the Star card together.

As the famous “Nine days after the ball,” Pan Xiaoting exhibition yesterday in the “bubble” nearly a whole day in the morning with her autobiographical book, “I am not days” to the exhibition hall, a gift to the fans to sign activities. Yesterday afternoon, she was an interview process to talk about released a new book, she wrote that book is not only the pool-loving fans, but also hope that more girls through the book and understand the pool, like billiards.

[Keywords]: days

Not so confident person

“We always called me nine days after the ball, but I think the name is too great, I’m not that confident person, so I said, ‘I am not days’, the title thus obtained.” “I am not days, “a book by the” Prince of Gymnastics “Li Ning written order, the reporter has a brief look at the” I am not days after the “discovery, about the book is divided into four parts, including the growth of articles, fashion articles, papers and emotional chapter of life.

“This book is planned for about a year, in fact, I previously had a lot of media interviews before, such as how I came into contact with the project, including my upbringing, etc., there are some myth, has never been a more official version, so the hope that the oral form of autobiography, I will be out most real growth experience to share with. ”

[Keywords]: Growth

Academy of Fine Arts want to be painters get the job test

In the book, Pan Xiaoting chapter we describe the growing childhood wanted to be a painter himself, but unfortunately failed in the age of 15 obtain the Academy experience, but also about career success and failure, and create your own company as chairman of the board Pan so many experiences, “I think in the future if the children like billiards, parents may wish to grow through my experiences for reference.” Pan Xiaoting said in the article section, she would like to say is no shortcut to success, many things have can only obtain through more effort you want success.

[Keywords]: emotion

Heart, “he” is not Ding

Emotional chapter, Xiaoting more about their own family and his family, and friends, friendship, she did not shy admitted to the previously rumored that her frustration with the sex scandal Ding, Ding and it does not affect the her friendship.

“Like all women, the Mood for Love, I also had a very memorable past”, in the book close to the tail section, Xiao Ting has finally revealed his feelings of one or two things, including the United States to get his first career a WPBA Tour title before her she had met with a very considerate person, very romantic boy, because together away from pity, combined with family opposition, the two finally ended a year to maintain the feelings, but then promised to the boy She has been waiting until “the time is right.” Xiao Ting said, “now I have a new understanding of love, love like a club, they fit themselves most clearly when my MR.Right again, I would hold their own.”


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