Why only Petr Cech to wear a hat?

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16 for the European Cup, playing the game customize new era hats , the Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech only one.

The reason why Cech wearing a hat, with the former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn also different from Kahn to play it cool to wear a cap, sometimes going against the sun for the afternoon game in the sun shading. And Cech is to protect the head, is the last resort.

It dates back to 2006, the Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech in the Premier League lead to a collision with Reading players  skull fracture, was able to recover through surgery. Although the rapid recovery after the Czech goalkeeper, in time for the season and return to the track before the end of a smooth, but he had to wear special protective gear blue helmets guarded gates.

According to doctor’s advice, he must continue to wear protective gear in the new campaign season. UEFA license obtained after the special helmet with the Czechs may be accompanied by the end of their career. Fortunately, the design of this additional equipment is very reasonable, and did not affect the sight of Cech. Cech also continue to maintain a stable state, the status of Chelsea and the Czech Republic no shake.

Usually the referee will not allow athletes to wear other equipment, especially hard objects participate in the competition, but Cech has been recognized by such protective equipment, because it does not pose a security threat to other players. “Hat” to be the most eye-catching goalkeeper Petr Cech, but the only downside is that it obscures the Eastern Europeans Cech handsome face.


You might have seen the ads featuring Yao Ming

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Yao flew into boondocks from Shanghai endure anniversary to accept WildAid’s All-embracing Ambassador award; the basketball star’s been alive with the alignment for about 5 years. KALW’s Ben Trefny sat down with Yao Ming and asked him how accepted bluff fin soup is in China.

YAO MING: Very, actual popular. It’s a affluence food. Abounding of business dinner, a lot of high-level dinners, they will accompany bluff fin soup. I’ve approved a brace times abounding years ago. It’s actual accepted in China.

BEN TREFNY: When did you apprehend there ability be a botheration with bluff fins?

YAO: I anticipate back we apperceive that a little bit even afore I formed with WildAid, but we never accomplished it was that austere problem. I became added afraid about our future, the sharks’ approaching as able-bodied as accompanying to our future.

TREFNY: Do you feel there’s a generational communications affair with the affair of bluff fins? You’re appealing adolescent – you accept the acquaintance from WildAid. Coming from a altered generation, for your parents or your parents’ parents, do you anticipate that there has been some attrition to aggravating to stop finning sharks?

YAO: That’s a acceptable question. As I apperceive the bluff fin soup is not choosed by what age humans are traveling to eat it. They will be served in actual high-level or business or added accident dinners. That’s why it’s actual important for us to go cogent those leaders, to alpha from that level, and again starting down and acquaint added humans how important it is to assure sharks.

TREFNY: There’s acutely a big attack traveling on to try to brainwash humans about bluff fins. Is the government complex in any way with this? Do they see this as an affair as well?

YAO: Yeah, of course. As I apperceive that we are allied with Chinese government fishermen departments. In the accomplished few years, we absolutely fabricated something happen. So on the civic television, CCTV, which is the a lot of able media in China – they are accord their adored time for put out bartering on air to brainwash people.

TREFNY: I’ve heard that there’s been like $70 actor of time donated for that.

YAO: It’s absolutely a bit. And that’s a abundant advice for us, and we acclimated that well. As i know, there’s about 55% humans they remembered the bartering on TV, and 82% of humans in that is traveling to stop eat, at atomic beneath application the bluff fin.

TREFNY: So you’ve become a very, actual cogent amount in China, in pop ability in America. Why did you accommodate your name to this campaign?

YAO: First of all, I saw some of WildAid bartering afore I formed with them, such like Jackie Chan – he’s a big archetypal for our bearing of Chinese people, partly because of that. And I just feel I wish to help.

So WildAid has enlisted all-embracing celebrities to advice claiming traditions like bistro bluff fin soup. But is it traveling to accomplish a aberration actuality in San Francisco? A contempo abstraction by the Monterey Bay Aquarium begin that added than three-quarters of humans surveyed said they abutment a bluff fin ban.

But two of the city’s a lot of arresting Chinese-American adopted admiral – Mayor Ed Lee and State Senator Leland Yee – accept a added nuanced yield on the issue. Neither fabricated himself accessible for a radio interview, but Senator Yee’s appointment did forward us a accounting statement. Here’s what it says.

“Senator Yee is absolutely against to the atrocious convenance of bluff finning and supports federal legislation banning the convenance … about believes there is a bigger access … Bluff fin soup sales should appear from abandoned accountant fishermen who accompany the absolute bluff on bank for steaks, oils, etc … Restaurants should charge a cancellation assuming their acquirement from the accountant fishermen/distributor or from a acceptable fishery … This access would decidedly abatement the demand, while aswell apropos and not eliminating a cultural tradition. The actuality is that this bill alone, after a change in China, would do little to abode the actual absolute botheration apropos the plight of sharks.”

Liu Xiang will focus on the semis first and then the final

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Liu, who has alone competed already central this winter accomplished his calefaction in 7.79. He didn’t attending as chatty as he’s acclimated to be abnormally over the hurdle but one can acquaint that his aptitude hasn’t achromatic admitting a year-and-a-half of angry off his injury.

“I am actual aflame to be here,” said Liu to the championships’ official website. “I feel actual relaxed. My bond is sore. I feel like I accept no energy, no ability in it.

“So, my ambition is to get into the final. When I told it to Trammell, he did not accept me. But this time it is true. My absolute ambition is to be in the final, no medals, annihilation else. I think, the gold is absurd this time. I do not accept in any medal. I still feel actual afflictive due to the injury.”

Liu ran a bourgeois chase and was agreeable with third in calefaction 3 – the top four from anniversary calefaction advanced.

Ahead of him Russia’s calm almanac holder Evgeniy Borisov captivated off Germany’s Helge Schwarzer for the calefaction win 7.74 to 7.76.

Liu, aswell the Athens Olympic champion, Beijing Olympic best Dayron Robles and American adept Terrence Trammell haven’t competed in the aforementioned chase aback the Osaka World Championships final in 2007.

Trammell was the aboriginal of the aureate leash to attempt as the U.S. best disqualified over calefaction 2. The bifold Olympic argent champ was acutely able over the obstacle and it mattered little that he hit the third on his way to the day’s according fastest time of 7.60.

Trammell said: “I just approved to go ahead, focus on my race, and not to anguish about distraction. I’ve already been actuality before. I fabricated it through as cautiously as possible.”

Robles took what he declared as an “easy” win in the fifth and final heat. The Cuban champion’s able address and above acceleration gradually brought him aback to the top of the acreage and all he had to do was shut down to cantankerous the band in 7.74.

“It was a actual apathetic race,” Robles explained. “I did not apprehend the starting gun. I acquainted airy and I am blessed to accomplish it to the semifinals.

“The clue is great. I adulation the venue. I am blessed to be aback to a above championship. I feel confident. We athletes allotment the aforementioned goal. I am consistently aiming at gold, as able-bodied as the others. This is a actual aggressive event. I will focus on the semis aboriginal and again the final.”

Liu Xiang and golf great Tiger Woods meet in Beijing to inspire youth

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Liu, who told the press before Athens “There is no girlfriend. No time,” might have trouble figuring out how Tiger made time for his numerous daliances, but he certainly can relate to his fall from the top.

From 2004 to 2008, Liu was the most dominant 110-meter hurdler in the world. Then he lost his world record to Cuba’s Dayron Robles and was forced to withdraw from the Beijing Olympics due to an Achilles injury, devastating millions of fans in China. His injury has required a number of corrective surgeries, and he has yet to fully recover.

Woods, who is in China on Nike’s “Make it Matter” golf promotional tour, and Liu shared their experiences and inspired youth in China to free their minds and take on difficulties and challenges.

As one of the most successful and celebrated golfers in history, Woods’ emergence and success raised golf’s profile into that of a global sport. In his 15-year career, Tiger has won 14 major championships, 97 tournaments, 71 of those on the PGA Tour.

“No matter what the results are, I will always be confident in myself when I am on the green. When I am out there, I have only one goal – to defeat them all,” Woods told a group of students.

Both athletes spoke of the importance of confidence in what they do.

Why abandon Guo Yue?

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I usually joke that World Championships boring, because all the Chinese team took the championship. However, last night, when China Nvping really lost when the World Championships team title, but my mind was still as upset with mixed bottles.

If this is the strength of the bad bad enough, but in fact, the Chinese team strength is not weak, lose because of the coaching staff underestimate the enemy, formations problems, abruptly lost the hand of the winner, how can we not let this defeat feel oppressed?

This is not an underdog in Singapore, the National Games last year, they stole and from the Beijing team coach Zhou Shusen. Zhou Shusen famous in China, Zhang Yining, Guo Yan, Ding Ning are his former team, Singapore’s Feng Tianwei, Li Jiawei and other players had also his disciples at the time of the Beijing team, went to Singapore, Zhou Shusen naturally very much at home, especially Feng Tianwei, in the Under the short-term tuning, horizontal obvious progress.

World Table Tennis Championships this year, Zhou Shusen on the one hand secret force, on the one hand and public sign of weakness, said the Chinese team in Singapore is not a rival, even Feng Tianwei play, win one council is very good. Perhaps it is the weakness Zhou Shusen, let the Chinese women’s team coaches were relaxed guard.

And Singapore before yesterday, when against one out, someone joked, Shi Zhihao too looked down the Zhou Shusen: Ding Ning, Guo Yan Zhou Shusen are old men love to, Zhou Shusen know too much for them, with Ding Ning, Guo Yan, etc. Feng Tianwei and so today against former disciple disciples, this is not obvious “challenges” Zhou Shusen it? Ultimately, we see the result: Zhou Shusen “kindly consider” the Chinese team’s arrogant!

Shi Zhihao inexplicable love of cotinine, before the World Championships three times, “through” race, cotinine failed to pass the final care of by the coaching staff, only to catch the last train to Moscow. But even so, cotinine in the World Championships on this but often are “Destructive Enthusiasm”, almost every game, have been entrusted with the task. Semi-final to play Japan, Dinning first play, was almost thrown to the ground Fukuhara, surprise, surprise yesterday in Singapore, she was playing the first array.

And cotinine were “Destructive Enthusiasm” than to get this straight first places in World Championships, and participated in two Olympic Games and many World Table Tennis Championships, won World Championships women’s singles, doubles, all the women’s team champion Guo Yue, has repeatedly been “suppressed.” World Table Tennis Championships this year, in addition to the group stage of the game and Poland as the third singles on the match, the other eight games, have not been able to see Guo Yue’s presence.

External coaching staff explained that the shoulder injury Guo Yue, Guo Yue himself but said the shoulder injury without problems, hair strength without any problems, and Guo Yue eager to play the mood and loneliness.

Even so, the coaching staff is still not to Guo Yue play, but abruptly put to the need to avoid Zhou Shusen of cotinine, this arrangement is really puzzling.

Just sit on the bench, watching his teammates with the Singapore team in the final minutes were ticking lost, Guo Yue will feel like all of us: Biequ!

Who is the highest number Reelected Asian Games champion?

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Shigenobu Room V (October 2, 1945 -), was born in Tangshan, Hebei, China, Japan hammer thrower. He was reelected five Asian Games champion in the 10 th 6 to 5 were Asian Games gold medal in the hammer throw competition.

Room V Shigenobu March 1986 graduated from the Economics Department of Economics, Nihon University. Showa has worked in large Paper, Japan Lecturer in Arts of the University Faculty of Science. Work in 1980 in Beijing University of Physical Education. April 1989 for the University. Known as “Iron Man of Asia, “said the athletic experience brilliant. Since the beginning of 1972 Munich Olympic Games, competition for 4 times on behalf of Japan, No. 8 best result. From 1966 onwards for 6 to participate in the Asian Games, won five straight. Track and Field Championships in Japan and received a 10-game winning streak, had dominated the 12th National Games in Japan. Miyazaki in 1993 at the 10th session of the World aged (45-49 years old) Games record 63.46 meters world record.

His sister, Room V is the best professional athletes but also the discus hammer the Japanese national record creator; mother Serafina Moritz is the Romanians, who are javelin thrower.

Room V Shigenobu also participated as the World Athletics Championships, World Athletics Cup, Asian Games and other competitions, long active in the arena. Still maintain the record of 75.96 meters in the hammer throw in Japan. Haier America 1972, Moss won the award in 1983 by the Ministry of Education in recognition of sports function in 1986 by the Prime Minister Award. Works include “At that moment ” (native forest), “Room V Shigenobu favorite track. “

Yao Ming – not easily leave the rocket

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In the Shanghai Sharks held a press conference, Yao Ming for many of our concern for a positive answer. See Yao Ming to go home feeling good, in the past do not want to say the topic is also unanswered.

Yao admitted that at this stage the focus is mainly in their own recovery. Before returning to work at all is carried around the body to recover. Some treatment is more painful recovery period, and Yao Ming said he would ensure the right amount of rest, but also to fully support the purpose of a good wound.

Another concern of the fans and the media is the next Yao Ming’s career. Yao said that everything should be back to the U.S. after a plan, if the wound recovered well, probably will start the ball train.

Contract expires this summer with the Rockets, Yao Ming, where to go next season it? Yao Ming said: “This need to see both to decide, first of all is his first state, on the other hand will have to see nba labor negotiations. only after the outcome of labor negotiations, etc., know what is a good contract. ”

Is it possible that Yao Ming has been the effectiveness of the rocket to leave the other teams play? Yao Ming expressed his deep feelings between the Rockets, Yao Ming, who can imagine how out of tough decisions: “I will not easily choose to leave, and if other clubs for similar conditions of the contract and rockets, then I certainly would not Have any idea. ”

For the Asian Championships, the Chinese Basketball Association would want Yao Ming led his unit set off. Yao Ming Basketball Association, but also takes into account the injury, did not give him any pressure or death under the order. Yao said he was grateful to Basketball and the team needs, and he is very much like this country. Yao Ming said: “If physical state can be, then I will play. not sure if the state of the national team will not be dragging the hind legs. ”

Coach Rick Adelman has just left office, Yao said: “He is a good coach, a good coach to have to go, would not return next season the team, I feel ill. In the past four years, he taught Period, the Rockets really gone through some very wonderful time. “

Liu Xiang – “Flying” to change his lifestyles

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In order to better meet the 7-step on the field, Liu Xiang, and even change their habits.

Yesterday morning, Liu Xiang in Shanghai Xinzhuang base was a public training, this is his February column from 8 to 7 on step further on the field after the first public training. After training, the master with the data confirmed that Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, step 7 is now the time spent on the bar, and before the time is comparable to step 8.

It said Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, the switch on the column in step 7 is an important change, is starting from the original right foot to left front first. This change is not just change the habits of more than ten years, but also the nervous system response to problems.

Liu yesterday from more than 10 times the starting point of view, each time starting very well, do not see the strange feeling, but the first column of a 100% success rate.

After training, Liu Liu’s father suddenly appeared in the root of the training ground, which is encouraged to Liu Xiang, the first initiative to increase training, to his father on the show Step 7 column technology.

Surprisingly, Liu’s current practice actually ran out of the morning plus the best results. Technological change comes when Liu Xiang, Liu root understand more details of the change of life, “Liu Xiang is the first stretch pants before the right foot, then left foot, since the decision to 7-step on the field, he is now the first left , Then the right foot … … ”

It is reported that on May 15 in the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix will switch to step 7 Liu Xiang after the first stop on the field, this practical training will be Liu Xiang, the first few months of testing.

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