Liu Xiang – “Flying” to change his lifestyles

May 4, 2011 at 1:16 am | Posted in sports | Leave a comment

In order to better meet the 7-step on the field, Liu Xiang, and even change their habits.

Yesterday morning, Liu Xiang in Shanghai Xinzhuang base was a public training, this is his February column from 8 to 7 on step further on the field after the first public training. After training, the master with the data confirmed that Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, step 7 is now the time spent on the bar, and before the time is comparable to step 8.

It said Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang, the switch on the column in step 7 is an important change, is starting from the original right foot to left front first. This change is not just change the habits of more than ten years, but also the nervous system response to problems.

Liu yesterday from more than 10 times the starting point of view, each time starting very well, do not see the strange feeling, but the first column of a 100% success rate.

After training, Liu Liu’s father suddenly appeared in the root of the training ground, which is encouraged to Liu Xiang, the first initiative to increase training, to his father on the show Step 7 column technology.

Surprisingly, Liu’s current practice actually ran out of the morning plus the best results. Technological change comes when Liu Xiang, Liu root understand more details of the change of life, “Liu Xiang is the first stretch pants before the right foot, then left foot, since the decision to 7-step on the field, he is now the first left , Then the right foot … … ”

It is reported that on May 15 in the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix will switch to step 7 Liu Xiang after the first stop on the field, this practical training will be Liu Xiang, the first few months of testing.


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