Yao Ming – not easily leave the rocket

May 5, 2011 at 12:41 am | Posted in sports | Leave a comment

In the Shanghai Sharks held a press conference, Yao Ming for many of our concern for a positive answer. See Yao Ming to go home feeling good, in the past do not want to say the topic is also unanswered.

Yao admitted that at this stage the focus is mainly in their own recovery. Before returning to work at all is carried around the body to recover. Some treatment is more painful recovery period, and Yao Ming said he would ensure the right amount of rest, but also to fully support the purpose of a good wound.

Another concern of the fans and the media is the next Yao Ming’s career. Yao said that everything should be back to the U.S. after a plan, if the wound recovered well, probably will start the ball train.

Contract expires this summer with the Rockets, Yao Ming, where to go next season it? Yao Ming said: “This need to see both to decide, first of all is his first state, on the other hand will have to see nba labor negotiations. only after the outcome of labor negotiations, etc., know what is a good contract. ”

Is it possible that Yao Ming has been the effectiveness of the rocket to leave the other teams play? Yao Ming expressed his deep feelings between the Rockets, Yao Ming, who can imagine how out of tough decisions: “I will not easily choose to leave, and if other clubs for similar conditions of the contract and rockets, then I certainly would not Have any idea. ”

For the Asian Championships, the Chinese Basketball Association would want Yao Ming led his unit set off. Yao Ming Basketball Association, but also takes into account the injury, did not give him any pressure or death under the order. Yao said he was grateful to Basketball and the team needs, and he is very much like this country. Yao Ming said: “If physical state can be, then I will play. not sure if the state of the national team will not be dragging the hind legs. ”

Coach Rick Adelman has just left office, Yao said: “He is a good coach, a good coach to have to go, would not return next season the team, I feel ill. In the past four years, he taught Period, the Rockets really gone through some very wonderful time. “


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