Who is the highest number Reelected Asian Games champion?

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Shigenobu Room V (October 2, 1945 -), was born in Tangshan, Hebei, China, Japan hammer thrower. He was reelected five Asian Games champion in the 10 th 6 to 5 were Asian Games gold medal in the hammer throw competition.

Room V Shigenobu March 1986 graduated from the Economics Department of Economics, Nihon University. Showa has worked in large Paper, Japan Lecturer in Arts of the University Faculty of Science. Work in 1980 in Beijing University of Physical Education. April 1989 for the University. Known as “Iron Man of Asia, “said the athletic experience brilliant. Since the beginning of 1972 Munich Olympic Games, competition for 4 times on behalf of Japan, No. 8 best result. From 1966 onwards for 6 to participate in the Asian Games, won five straight. Track and Field Championships in Japan and received a 10-game winning streak, had dominated the 12th National Games in Japan. Miyazaki in 1993 at the 10th session of the World aged (45-49 years old) Games record 63.46 meters world record.

His sister, Room V is the best professional athletes but also the discus hammer the Japanese national record creator; mother Serafina Moritz is the Romanians, who are javelin thrower.

Room V Shigenobu also participated as the World Athletics Championships, World Athletics Cup, Asian Games and other competitions, long active in the arena. Still maintain the record of 75.96 meters in the hammer throw in Japan. Haier America 1972, Moss won the award in 1983 by the Ministry of Education in recognition of sports function in 1986 by the Prime Minister Award. Works include “At that moment ” (native forest), “Room V Shigenobu favorite track. “


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