Why abandon Guo Yue?

May 7, 2011 at 12:54 am | Posted in sports | Leave a comment

I usually joke that World Championships boring, because all the Chinese team took the championship. However, last night, when China Nvping really lost when the World Championships team title, but my mind was still as upset with mixed bottles.

If this is the strength of the bad bad enough, but in fact, the Chinese team strength is not weak, lose because of the coaching staff underestimate the enemy, formations problems, abruptly lost the hand of the winner, how can we not let this defeat feel oppressed?

This is not an underdog in Singapore, the National Games last year, they stole and from the Beijing team coach Zhou Shusen. Zhou Shusen famous in China, Zhang Yining, Guo Yan, Ding Ning are his former team, Singapore’s Feng Tianwei, Li Jiawei and other players had also his disciples at the time of the Beijing team, went to Singapore, Zhou Shusen naturally very much at home, especially Feng Tianwei, in the Under the short-term tuning, horizontal obvious progress.

World Table Tennis Championships this year, Zhou Shusen on the one hand secret force, on the one hand and public sign of weakness, said the Chinese team in Singapore is not a rival, even Feng Tianwei play, win one council is very good. Perhaps it is the weakness Zhou Shusen, let the Chinese women’s team coaches were relaxed guard.

And Singapore before yesterday, when against one out, someone joked, Shi Zhihao too looked down the Zhou Shusen: Ding Ning, Guo Yan Zhou Shusen are old men love to, Zhou Shusen know too much for them, with Ding Ning, Guo Yan, etc. Feng Tianwei and so today against former disciple disciples, this is not obvious “challenges” Zhou Shusen it? Ultimately, we see the result: Zhou Shusen “kindly consider” the Chinese team’s arrogant!

Shi Zhihao inexplicable love of cotinine, before the World Championships three times, “through” race, cotinine failed to pass the final care of by the coaching staff, only to catch the last train to Moscow. But even so, cotinine in the World Championships on this but often are “Destructive Enthusiasm”, almost every game, have been entrusted with the task. Semi-final to play Japan, Dinning first play, was almost thrown to the ground Fukuhara, surprise, surprise yesterday in Singapore, she was playing the first array.

And cotinine were “Destructive Enthusiasm” than to get this straight first places in World Championships, and participated in two Olympic Games and many World Table Tennis Championships, won World Championships women’s singles, doubles, all the women’s team champion Guo Yue, has repeatedly been “suppressed.” World Table Tennis Championships this year, in addition to the group stage of the game and Poland as the third singles on the match, the other eight games, have not been able to see Guo Yue’s presence.

External coaching staff explained that the shoulder injury Guo Yue, Guo Yue himself but said the shoulder injury without problems, hair strength without any problems, and Guo Yue eager to play the mood and loneliness.

Even so, the coaching staff is still not to Guo Yue play, but abruptly put to the need to avoid Zhou Shusen of cotinine, this arrangement is really puzzling.

Just sit on the bench, watching his teammates with the Singapore team in the final minutes were ticking lost, Guo Yue will feel like all of us: Biequ!


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