Why only Petr Cech to wear a hat?

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16 for the European Cup, playing the game customize new era hats , the Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech only one.

The reason why Cech wearing a hat, with the former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn also different from Kahn to play it cool to wear a cap, sometimes going against the sun for the afternoon game in the sun shading. And Cech is to protect the head, is the last resort.

It dates back to 2006, the Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech in the Premier League lead to a collision with Reading players  skull fracture, was able to recover through surgery. Although the rapid recovery after the Czech goalkeeper, in time for the season and return to the track before the end of a smooth, but he had to wear special protective gear blue helmets guarded gates.

According to doctor’s advice, he must continue to wear protective gear in the new campaign season. UEFA license obtained after the special helmet with the Czechs may be accompanied by the end of their career. Fortunately, the design of this additional equipment is very reasonable, and did not affect the sight of Cech. Cech also continue to maintain a stable state, the status of Chelsea and the Czech Republic no shake.

Usually the referee will not allow athletes to wear other equipment, especially hard objects participate in the competition, but Cech has been recognized by such protective equipment, because it does not pose a security threat to other players. “Hat” to be the most eye-catching goalkeeper Petr Cech, but the only downside is that it obscures the Eastern Europeans Cech handsome face.


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