“Fake” in the spring to it!

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Fashion circle is full of myth, the endless knot is always: is the laptop, or until an inch of ankle? Chase high fashion or with the high street? The misconceptions, the “true” the most perplexing – is to ignore the banner of animal rights groups opposed to uphold the doctrine of leather fashion? Or abandoned, such as the astronomical price of fine jewelry, fake jewelry enthusiasm to get involved? Perhaps, now, a “fake” is the real fashion.

Lafayette home from the 2010 autumn and winter in Hong big show was officially pushed to the cusp of fake fur started last season to make a fashion force feedback loop – how to use “cheap” fabrics to create a fashionable effect, the whole world talked about .

Kate Moss for Topshop designer clothing, almost all gorgeous fake fur coat; and Abercrombie & Fitch has even fake fur and young people with the most favorite hoodie together, recommended by critics. Stella McCartney for Chloe, whether head or is it sits its own brand, has always been closely guarded only fake leather made products regulations.

The offer of a brand while back Tahara girl (well-known singer) wore it home leather appearance, was flatly rejected, the reason is simple: she is a vegetarian, this sin shall not be made. And those who love fur the stars, the thought of a beautiful mink is anal electrocution death, the heart almost broken, so have set a good example of conservation priorities.

The fashion industry has long been its “superficial” and the infamous, Lafayette, and may not really done a revolutionary thing, we might as well re-chewing half a century ago, Ms. Chanel’s words: “Do not be genuine, as long as the shock amazing. “Back in 1924, she introduced a black and white color of the fake pearl earrings – no treasure is not attracted to women, she continues to believe that, just let the fashion jewelry and sometimes better visual means.

So first of its kind in Hong family, making the fake to real luxury – it is not cruel, the economy, while very stylish!

There is another problem: in the end of artificial fur and jewelry worth how much? If you want long-term investment or a hedge against inflation, and that it was farther away from it; if you are with the practicality of the pursuit of design, and their price is really attractive.

Ms. Chanel to study it, mix true and false, are still doing the Queen! And the key is fake become fashionable, loud noises in advance of “I’m fake”, you have to add a layer of very senior rebel colors. A cargo Coach Handbags , but still remember, but also not meant to fashion, because it is indeed plagiarism never dare say out loud these words.

As the Buddha said: “You can not fake smart, but fake fur, you are really smart!” This is not just a trend, it is a revolutionary new choice.


“Gossip Girl” fourth quarter fashionable handbags

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“Gossip Girl” in the fourth quarter early autumn in New York is still the romantic sultry, beautiful guy who is still tangled, baffling the faithless people, it seems exciting season than the season, but the crew’s clothing to be more worthy of a look.

Remember I drew a character relationship chart, to have a romantic relationship between a straight line connecting the characters. Now updated this map, the connection must the same as the dense spider web. So, I caught the ups and downs of the plot, has long been commonplace. Overview the play, “no lie not a book” only; as Venessa on Rufus said, “will not even lie, on the loss you live in the East.”.

For me, the full value of this movie is everywhere, exquisite fashion. New Fall 2010 – Fashion, Coach Handbags, shoes, jewelry, to large doses, Hula Hula blowing. Even the product placement, I also accept all grateful. In fact, beginning to end, fashion is in “Gossip Girl” into the story.

The fourth quarter of the bag, give me the deepest feeling is that different colors of reptiles have different patterns out of its hole, gathering the “Gossip Girl” Film Studio. Careful study, these crocodiles and pythons, mostly from the two rare leather designer – Nancy Gonzalez of Colombia and Brazil-born American Carlos Falchi. The former is a mature lady style – simple and low-key style, bright hot colors, cleverly hiding the metal parts; the latter is even more handsome youth – personalized unique style, the folds of playful and lively, a bit messy stitching .


Rare leather bag this season, is currently focused on Serena and Blair. Jenny and Vanessa, a lack of age, a lack of money, being unable to enjoy. Juliet unknown, with a Carlos Falchi’d had two clothes. . . Then the next time we see other bags, especially small backpack more exciting.

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