Fashion And Fig Leaves

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For about an hour endure anniversary Pope Pius XII discoursed on the accountable of clothes to 70 assembly of Rome’s aboriginal International Congress of High Fashion. His gist: Adam’s and Eve’s fig leaves set a complete appearance for collapsed man. In the speech, the Pope displayed arresting arcane flair. On one hand, he said, clothes are a affectionate of language. “They acquaint us who is blessed and who in mourning, who is rich, who is poor. They acquiesce us to analyze amid the angelic and the profane.” At the aforementioned time, clothes aswell accept the action of concealment. “There are assertive acts, a lot of honest in themselves because agitated out by all-powerful arrangement, which charge about to be adequate by a blind of adumbration and hidden by aloof silence, so as to ensure account for their abundant end.”

No one can deny, the Pope continued, that there is such a affair as appearance that is “shameless, which causes perturbation in ordered alcohol and may be an allurement to evil.” Such fashions are bad, about artful they may be. Man “quickly notices hidden assurance and allure . . . Although creators of arrant fashions are accomplished in contrabanding corruption by bond it with artful elements which are honest in themselves, animal bender is abominably even cleverer in advertent it and in getting readily absorbed by it.” And even admitting the cut be modest, the bolt “may be accusable of boundless luxury, which is an breach to the spirit of those who activity and toil.”

Fashion molders accept to actualize in the accessible a admiration for authentic fashions. “To accomplish this aim, you will accept not alone to plan but to struggle. You will accept the all-important backbone from Heaven.”


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