LV Mahjong is customized for the Chinese people “LV Chinese mahjong”

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Speaking of Mahjong, most people do not know his origins, Mahjong originated in China, dating back four thousand years ago. Called “opera, painting, traditional Chinese medicine” for the three national essence. Little do they know there is another major overseas cultural legacy, and the West to shame, you have to ask what it is mahjong. When it passed in the West? Unknown, but foreigners like playing mahjong, a prominent figure from the text of the Republic of China can be seen, Liang in “Mahjong,” a paper wrote when he was abroad, “Mahjong popular in the United States, many Americans are provided with a pair of home” and attached instructions. Liang, a student, “in New York to teach people to actually play cards as a sideline, phone call of that go, have disposable income.”
Time, two professors at the University of Colorado has asked him and heard more than one guest, “after dinner assumed a mahjong as a sideshow.” But the beam, smell they know nothing of Mahjong, “the two professors can not understand the Chinese people actually does not play mahjong? Night, four of the provisional see instructions to watch and play with, and no one can neatly under a license, Wowonangnang’s to spend a night out. since no bureau. “He added:” Americans clumsy big hands need a large scale puzzle card for a push forward, or a license to put not straight! ”


Very clever, A while back I accompanied friends to the domestic to the Champs Elysees in Paris headquarters of Louis Vuitton shop, a door, right side of the glass case will be placed in a familiar Chinese mahjong, this is the most prominent place. I first see the quintessence of Chinese culture by Westerners so solemnly laid out ready for him. I asked the salesman, which is sold to the Chinese people? She smiled and said: “tailor-made for the Chinese people!” I did not describe the feelings come out now, do not know the love for the West is so grand and proud quintessence of Chinese culture, or the name of the Chinese people gambling away broadcast world ashamed. In short, as in France, a Chinese, I pain and happiness. LV (Louis Vuitton Handbags)Custom Mahjong …

Chinese in France among the popular mahjong still not wrong, said that “wherever there are Chinese mahjong.” French mainstream society, not many people playing mahjong, mahjong is a lot of people know. If people familiar with the French and the Chinese people have to rub a few laps, I’ve seen a few touch and awareness, so good. Time in a friend’s house after dinner to invite the other two Chinese friends with the French playing mahjong, a friend brought out guys, I look, Yo, brand amazing! The world’s top luxury Louis Vuitton (LV) manufacturing. French friends told me that this is the Louis Vuitton Group, a custom-made specifically for the Chinese people, display status, financial situation and social status, needless to say, prices are more impressive. LV Custom Mahjong …


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