In Defence Of Colby Armstrong

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Colby Armstrong is a agreeable player. However, he makes a lot of money—$3 actor per division to be exact—and in the salary-cap apple abounding would adopt their cher players to put cold, harder stats on the table.

Surely you’ve heard the biting cry—”INTANGIBLES!” Simply put, those who use this affront are adage that Armstrong doesn’t accompany annihilation assessable to the table, abrogation his defenders to allege in clichéd generalities.

But these canicule we accept admission to a lot added metrics than just goals and assists. I anticipation I’d cull some numbers from altered sources, add a few addendum of account or opinion, and see whether Armstrong is account his weight in cap space.


This final blueprint shows what about $3 actor of prime-aged accompaniment gets you this season. I included any accompaniment beneath 35, aural half-a-million in cap hit, whose accord ends in complete chargeless agency.

Age Player Team Cap Hit GP P PPG ES P/60 TOI
29 Williams, Justin LAK $3.5 69 57 0.83 2.69 17:13
31 Sturm, Marco WAS $3.5 24 10 0.42 1.74 14:08
32 Zubrus, Dainius NJD $3.4 67 26 0.39 1.37 17:17
29 Bourque, Rene CGY $3.33 69 42 0.61 1.57 17:25
30 Ponikarovsky, Alexei LAK $3.2 48 12 0.25 1.07 12:26
26 Brown, Dustin LAK $3.18 65 45 0.69 1.79 19:10
29 Vrbata, Radim PHX $3 67 39 0.58 1.78 16:20
28 Armstrong, Colby TOR $3 49 23 0.47 2.10 16:16
28 Frolov, Alexander NYR $3 67 26 0.39 1.63 13:52
31 Hagman, Niklas CGY $3 43 16 0.37 1.24 14:25
28 Ott, Steve DAL $2.95 69 26 0.38 1.05 16:52
32 Cole, Erik CAR $2.9 69 43 0.62 2.04 18:20
32 Cleary, Daniel DET $2.8 55 39 0.71 2.85 16:14
26 Clarkson, David NJD $2.67 68 15 0.22 0.96 13:46
35 Clark, Chris CLB $2.63 51 14 0.27 1 14:43
32 Samsonov, Sergei FLA $2.53 65 29 0.45 1.48 14:43
34 Samuelsson, Mikael VAN 2.5 69 47 0.68 1.9 16:35

I was traveling to add a two-way carbon or three to this chart, but we’ve already apparent aloft that Armstrong hits, draws penalties, and plays appropriate two-way hockey in unfavourable circumstances. Finding that he is the third a lot of able scorer at evens out of 17 wingers, I anticipate the point is made. $3 actor doesn’t buy a lot, decidedly if you’re affairs years of chargeless agency; if this was the amount for Cheese, again it was no worse than bazaar value.

On the added hand, I assumption we could’ve re-signed Alexei Ponikarovsky, or captivated on to Niklas Hagman. Or outbid the Rangers on Alex Frolov. Still, Colby Armstrong is a bigger adduce than any of those guys; and affluence accept to calculation for something.


Patrice Bergeron #37 of the Boston Bruins gets the assist as the puck slips past Martin Brodeur #30 of the New Jersey Devils

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BOSTON - NOVEMBER 15:  Patrice Bergeron #37 of the Boston Bruins gets the assist as the puck slips past Martin Brodeur #30 of the New Jersey Devils on November 15 2010 at the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Bruins, who accept alone 6 of their endure 7 amateur (1-3-3) will host a baking New Jersey Devils aggregation tonight at TD Garden that has won 16 of their endure 20 contests (16-4-0).The B’s are advancing off of one of their ugliest performances of the season, an awkward 5-2 accident to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night. The Visitors access tonight’s bold afterward a 3-0 annihilation over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday to stop a 2-game skid.

G A P +/- PIM
Ilya Kovalchuk 26 25 51 -18 28

Devils Goaltending:

Martin Brodeur 49 2693 21 22 110 2.45 1119 1009 .902 5

Johan Hedberg 31 1538 13 11 60 2.34 688 628 .913 3

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Shane Hnidy shoulder 02/26/2011
Marc Savard concussion 01/23/2011


– The Bruins and Devils accept met alert this division with the B’s win both contests. The Bruins accept outscored the Devils 7-1 this season.

– Based Martin Brodeur’s acceptability as a goalie that does not apperception a abundant workload and the actuality that he alone faced 13 shots in the Devils 3-0 win over Columbus, I anticipate it is a safe bet that we see Brodeur amid the pipes for New Jersey tonight.

– Brad Marchand has served his 2-game abeyance for his hit on R.J. Umberger and is accessible to acknowledgment to the lineup.

– There is no chat on which of the Bruins 13 assiduously will get to watch the bold from the 9th floor. Michael Ryder appeared to be the odd man out in convenance on Monday, alternating in with Mark Recchi on the appropriate addition on the 2nd line.

– I don’t apperceive why anybody (including Claude Julien) is authoritative a big accord out of Tuukka Rask alarming up at his defensemen. I like that passion. Anybody on this aggregation needs to be accountable. If they are not traveling to apprehend it from their drillmaster (who a lot of of the time comes off as a alarmist guy that wouldn’t say “shit” if his aperture was fun of it), again they charge to apprehend it from their teammates. Rask is one of the few players on this agenda that has apparent any signs of activity and affection over the accomplished few amateur and we are chastising him for it? Julien was asked about Rask’s outbursts today and he maintains that he did not cull Tuukka for calling out Dennis Seidenberg afterwards he buried him on a Toronto ambition in the additional aeon of Saturday’s game:

“I don’t abutment that and I don’t anticipate anybody supports that, including him. Sometimes annoyance sets in if you see players breaking their sticks afterwards a ambition against. You see them put their active up in the air afterwards they absence an accessible net. There’s a annoyance part. I’m absolutely not traveling to angle actuality and alpha accusing him of that. But I anticipate it’s something you don’t wish to see from anybody. It has a big appulse on your team. Having said that, I anticipate Tuukka’s acquainted of that. If anything, he’s been arena some of his best hockey lately. So I don’t anticipate there’s any charge for that. Sometimes you’ve got to ascendancy your emotions. He’s balked with the aboriginal bisected of the year and he wants to advice this hockey club. Sometimes his affections run a little too top and he reacts that way. Having said that, it had no access on my accommodation on Saturday.”

– Tonight’s bold starts at 7:00 PM ET and affectedness on NESN. 98.5 FM The Sports has the radio advertisement as always.

– The Public Skate accessible cilia gets traveling at 6:30 PM ET.

– For added on tonight’s bold arch over to the always-in abyss In Lou We Trust. A chat of caution: Fischer runs a abundant tighter address than I do, so accumulate it apple-pie and on-topic.

Defense wins championships!

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The NFL abstract has become added and added of a media spectacle. Every year the abstract becomes added affecting and absorbing than the last. ESPN does a abundant job of authoritative the abstract added than what it is. Anniversary aggregation has a accurate way of aloof players and stick to it anniversary year. Please accumulate this in mind, if it comes to the 2011 NFL draft, our better charge is on defense.

My Aegis (pun intended) in my conclusion:

Much of the absorption has gone to the QB or WR position, but in absoluteness these position will account the Bengals the a lot of if drafting in the aboriginal round:

1. Patrick Peterson CB/FS: If we can’t assurance Joseph aback again will accept a solid CB for the future. If we do assurance Joseph back, we will accept a solid FS for the future. Seems to me, a win/ win situation. This guy is able and would be a cogent aberration maker as DB. He has acceleration and size. Something that we charge in AFC arctic to bout up adjoin TEs and bigger WRs.

2. Marcell Dareus DT: Point blank, we charge a confusing arresting accouterment to put burden on the QB and RB. And will chargeless up our adolescent DEs.

3. Nick Fairley: See above. Also, he is somewhat of a “dirty player” and the Bengals may account from that in the AFC North.

4. Von Miller LB: If none of the aloft are available, we should get the best amount at the amount four atom if we don’t barter down. Von Miller will artlessly accomplish our LB accumulation adolescent and elite.

The belief of drafting a QB in the aboriginal annular is ridiculous. There are several altered affidavit why it won’t happen. If Carson Plamer is absolutely austere about retiring, if he is not traded, drafting a QB in the aboriginal annular will accord him the advantage. Guaranteeing millions of dollars to addition QB will alone accomplish it easier for Carson to leave because Carson artlessly has to appearance up to affected and the aggregation will accept bigger problems than they do now. If there is a QB altercation it adds added burden to the arch drillmaster on who to alpha and the aggregation may get divided. This will accomplish Carson barter amount go down and may even acquiesce him to get cut. Also, there will be too abundant money traveling appear one position, something I don’t see Mike Brown allowing. The logically scenario, yield the best accessible QB in the additional round. Aces up the best accessible adept QB in chargeless bureau and let them action it out to alpha the season. And if Carson insists on not advancing aback to Cincy, barter him to a aggregation that will agreement a accomplished abstract aces the Bengals can get. This may accord the Bengals addition adventitious to get a authorization QB in Andrew Luck. Luck would be account the aces and money. One affair to consistently accumulate in mind, “who runs the show”. That would be Mr. Grinch, AKA Mike Brown. Brown will not acquiesce the amateur to appeal something and get it. So, he will anxiously anticipate out a way he wins. Right now, owners accept way added ability than players.

AJ Green wouldn’t be the affliction aces and would apparently plan out. But in my opinion, the Bengals aegis has the bigger needs in assertive areas and I anticipate would accomplish added faculty to abode them first. If somehow we get Carson aback and the Bengals acquainted like they bare a WR. There are absolutely of few adept WR to accept that accept the adequacy of AJ Green. Cough, cough, Plaxico Burress, wink, wink. Please remember, “Defense wins championships! “

NCAA Tournament: No. 1 Kansas Vs. No. 6 Illinois

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Sure, Kansas and Illinois are both actual accomplished teams at the top of the Southwest Region of the 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket. But, appear on, the storyline is Bill Self’s Jayhawks affair the affairs he larboard in 2003, alone to accept his successor, Bruce Weber, date a faux burial for him! Kansas vs. Illinois is one of the endure Third Round amateur on the 2011 NCAA Tournament schedule, angled off from Tulsa at 8:40 p.m. Eastern on TNT with Marv Albert and Steve Kerr on the call.

TULSA, OK - MARCH 18:  Markieff Morris #21 of the Kansas Jayhawks reacts to a play against the Boston University Terriers during the second round of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at BOK Center on March 18, 2011 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Kansas’ botheration all year has been focus. If the Jayhawks are on, they are about unbeatable; if they’re not — and it’s generally — they can play animal basketball at their opponents’ level. That was aswell the adventure of Kansas’ win adjoin Boston in the additional round: Kansas led by just four afterwards a apathetic aboriginal 20 minutes, again begin its afterburners and dusted the Terriers in the additional bisected en avenue to a 19-point win. The key to Kansas routs like that is balance, and accepting four players in bifold abstracts — Marcus and Markieff Morris, Tyshawn Taylor, and Brady Morningstar — absolutely helps balance Kansas on its added aberrant days.

Illinois, meanwhile, fabricated acceptable on a ambiguous alternative to the NCAA Tournament with a acceptable win over UNLV in the Additional Round. The Illini led by 22 at halftime and cruised to an 11-point victory, with Mike Davis and Demetri McCamey accumulation for 39 points. If those two can assassinate and shoot able-bodied adjoin Kansas, no baby task, Illinois will accept a attempt to agitated the top berry in the Southwest Region. If not, it’s harder to see Illinois acceptable this bold after cogent advice from a Kansas achievement consisting of battlefront automated weapons into its adidas kicks.

Star Watch: McCamey is the affection of the Illini offense, but is appropriately accomplished at cutting from abysmal and distributing assists. One affair he ability not wish to do is yield too abounding twos: McCamey shoots 45.5% from central the arc and 45.5% from alfresco it, numbers that accomplish threes a abundant bigger hypothesis for the activating guard.

FAS alert SSC on likely impact as sports body look to revise rates to reflect market valuation

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Speaking to MediaCorp yesterday, Balestier Khalsa vice-chairman S Thavaneson said: “We’ve heard of the accessible afterlight of rental rates, and although it’s been said on the comment that there may be a abundant rise, we’ve not been brash on the absolute afterlight yet.

Last anniversary in Parliament, it was appear that clubs in the Great Eastern-Yeo’s S-League were set for a 40 per cent subsidy access from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), with the bulk ascent to S$8.7 actor from S$6.2 actor endure year.

But with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) assertive to accession rental ante of sports accessories for the new banking year, starting on April 1, S-League clubs may see a cogent allocation of that access blooper from their grasp.

“We’re allegory advice from all clubs, the accepted cost, bulk of amplitude utilised and the impact; and we’re aggravating to align for a affair to present the absolute facts as far as clubs are concerned.”

The S-League kicked off in 1996 and today appearance 12 teams. While the Courts Young Lions are run by the FAS, the added nine bounded clubs accustomed a absolute subsidy of about S$500,000 anniversary endure year, with the banknote basic at about S$310,000.

Foreign clubs – currently, Japan’s Albirex Niigata and France’s Etoile FC play in the S-League – accustomed a subsidy of about S$120,000 in the aboriginal year, and the amount, which does not absorb cash, is believed to accept gone a little over S$200,000 today.

With a amount of teams disturbing financially, the club chairmen fabricated a appeal to the FAS for added berry money backward endure year.

They’ve got their wish, but the acceleration in rental ante will hit their pockets.

In acknowledgment to queries from MediaCorp, SSC said in a account yesterday: “The SSC is in the action of alteration the rental ante for all its accessories to reflect the accepted bazaar valuation. As they cover the bounds utilised by the S-League clubs, we will abide to appoint the Football Association of Singapore carefully over the matter.”

In 2009, bulk of rental for all S-League stadia was S$4.7 million, with the SSC subsidising it to the tune of S$3.5 million.

MediaCorp understands the SSC accept affianced a valuer to ascertain the bazaar amount of accessories acclimated by clubs – including offices at stadiums, Singapore Pools outlets run by the clubs, and even toilets and alteration allowance accessories – and some of the clubs abhorrence rental prices will acceleration from the accepted S$0.50 per aboveboard bottom (psf) to as top as S$1.70 psf.

Said FAS admiral Zainudin Nordin: “We’ve heard about the afterlight and we wish to abstraction the appulse that it will accept on clubs. I can brainstorm the apropos that the clubs have, and we’re consistently anxious about managing costs, because we wish clubs managed in a acceptable way.

“So far we accept alerted SSC on the appulse of their revisions, and we’ll see if we can appear to an understanding.”

Most clubs MediaCorp batten to bidding affair about the new rates.

Said Gombak United administrator John Yap: “We are afraid that the access may be abundant compared to what clubs are paying now, and it will be a greater banking accountability for us to bear.”

MediaCorp understands the SSC abreast all National Sports Associations that bazaar ante will be answerable for their accessories starting in the new banking year 2011-12 at the barrage of their anniversary NSA admission exercise endure September.

In the ESPN documentary “The Fab Five,” Jalen Rose and his teammates made a few comments about the Duke basketball program.

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The a lot of anarchic was that the atramentous Duke players were “Uncle Toms.” Grant Hill’s name was brought up, and Hill has aback responded via the New York Times’ academy sports blog.

My teammates at Duke — all of them, atramentous and white — were a bandage of brothers who came calm to play at the accomplished akin for the best drillmaster in basketball. I apperceive a lot of of the atramentous players who preceded and followed me at Duke. They all accord to our attitude of arete on the court.

It is calumniating and apprenticed to advance that men like Johnny Dawkins (coach at Stanford), Tommy Amaker (coach at Harvard), Billy King (general administrator of the Nets), Tony Lang (coach of the Mitsubishi Diamond Dolphins in Japan), Thomas Hill (small-business buyer in Texas), Jeff Capel (former drillmaster at Oklahoma and Virginia Commonwealth), Kenny Blakeney (assistant drillmaster at Harvard), Jay Williams (ESPN analyst), Shane Battier (Memphis Grizzlies) and Chris Duhon (Orlando Magic) anytime awash out their race.

To adumbration that those who grew up in a domiciliary with a mother and ancestor are somehow beneath atramentous than those who did not is above ridiculous. All of us are acutely appreciative of the accepted Duke team, abnormally Nolan Smith. He was aloft by his mother, plays in anamnesis of his backward ancestor and carries himself with the pride and aplomb that they absolute in him.

Well said, Grant.

In a contempo column, FoxSports columnist Jason Whitlock took the Fab Five to assignment for adage such things:

The Fab Five acutely accept Drillmaster K and Duke didn’t and don’t recruit burghal atramentous kids, and they accept race/racism/elitism are the active armament abaft the philosophy.

Let’s go aback to the Fab Five era and Duke’s aesthetics then. Drillmaster K recruited kids who had every ambition of blockage in academy for four years. He recruited kids who had a acceptable adventitious of aggressive academically at Duke and could accommodated the connected analysis account abilities for entrance.

The Fab Five declared it was their ambition to win a civic championship and about-face pro as a accumulation afterwards their green season. Webber, who was recruited by Duke, larboard Michigan afterwards two years. Rose and Howard larboard as juniors. Impoverished burghal kids accept acceptable acumen to about-face pro early. I’m not animadversion Webber, Howard and Rose for their decisions. They didn’t fit the Duke contour at the time.

During the three-year run of the Fab Five (one division after Webber), Duke exhausted Michigan all four times the schools met while acceptable two ACC titles and one NCAA title. During the aforementioned span, Michigan won aught appointment or civic titles. In addition, Webber’s interactions with booster Ed Martin put the affairs on acquittal and acquired Michigan to cost all its games.

I anticipate Drillmaster K recruited and recruits the appropriate kids for Duke.

Lookbook, road trips and snapback hats

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Attention all fashionistas: the band-aid to the school-morning-time-crunch apparel bind is here. Look no added than, an all-embracing online appearance association area users can upload photos of their claimed style, or “looks,” and animadversion on others’ photos. Lookbook was founded in 2008 by San Francisco association Jason Su and Yuri Lee. Once registered, a user builds his/her acceptability on the website by accumulation “hype” or “karma,” both of which are becoming if added associates vote up a user’s looks. Abounding of the styles featured on the website are just as assorted and all-embracing as the broadcast user base. The advanced ambit of appearance tastes ensure there is something for everybody. Brimming with appearance afflatus and artistic ideas, Lookbook is the go-to band-aid for any appearance dilemma.

High academy acceptance everywhere are branch out for an adventure! With academy decisions looming just about the corner, abounding top academy seniors are zipping up their accoutrements and jumping in the car for a alley trip. The final destination for these acceptance is a academy or university that interests them. Long weekends are spent touring campuses, bistro in the dining aliment and experiencing the academy life. Also, abounding colleges are advertisment.

holding examination canicule for accepted applicants, area acceptance can apprentice added about the university. Feeling the atmosphere of a school, inquiring about the academics and talking with agents and acceptance are all all-important apparatus to accede if chief on a college. These weekend getaways are allowance seniors to accomplish one of the better decisions of their lives.

As the adage goes, “everything old is new again.” This time it is the snapback hat that has appear aback around. These best sports hats accept been ambulatory acknowledgment to newfound absorption from top academy and academy students. Snapbacks are hats with adjustable straps on the aback that breeze together. For the a lot of part, these hats accommodate logos or designs from able and academy sports teams. The added accepted hats are from the NBA, mostly because of the Chicago Bulls hat, which was fabricated acclaimed during the 1990s if Michael Jordan and the Bulls bedeviled the NBA. Whether beat to abutment a admired aggregation or to add a finishing blow to your circadian wardrobe, snapback hats are the absolute choice.

A lockout effectively closes down the league’s activities and will halt any trade activities and any other dealings between players and clubs and it puts the 2011 season at risk

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The NFL clearly appear a lockout of players by aggregation owners afterward the move by the players’ abutment to deliquesce themselves and accompany cloister activity adjoin the league, the NFL said in a account Saturday.

A lockout finer closes down the league’s activities and will arrest any barter activities and any added affairs amid players and clubs and it puts the 2011 division at risk.

Friday the abutment (NFLPA) appear they had ‘decertified’ and were no best demography allotment in aggregate acceding over a new accord amid the alliance and players.

“The union’s abandonment of acceding has affected the clubs to yield activity they actual abundant capital to avoid. At the advocacy of the Management Council Executive Committee beneath the ascendancy it has been delegated by the clubs, the alliance has abreast the abutment that it is demography the difficult but all-important footfall of appliance its appropriate beneath federal activity law to appoint a lockout of the union,” said the statement.

“The clubs are committed to continuing to accommodate until an acceding is reached, and will acquiescently abide to plan with the FMCS (federal mediators).”

At atomic 10 players, including arch quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, Friday filed antitrust lawsuits adjoin the NFL to attack to arrest a lockout.

Whether or not the lockout can be activated for a diffuse aeon will ultimately be absitively by the courts but there charcoal the accident that the 2011 season, due to alpha in September, could be disrupted.

“The clubs accept that this footfall is the a lot of able way to advance efforts to ability a new acceding after disruption to the 2011 season,” apprehend the NFL statement.

“The clubs wish to abide negotiating assiduously to ability a fair acceding as anon as possible. Our ambition is award accepted arena and absolute the issues with the union. That is why we ask the abutment to resume negotiations with the federal mediator.

“The abrogating after-effects for the players and clubs will abide to amplify the best it takes to ability an agreement.”

The endure time the NFL absent amateur to automated activity was in 1987 if players went on strike.

Team owners and players are in altercation over a ambit of issues, including how to bisect up added than $9 billion in anniversary revenues.

In a flurry of statements issued Friday, the NFLPA said the alliance had been “actively strategizing for a lockout of the players for added than two years.”

“Any acceding accomplished from this point advanced with the NFL will be as a aftereffect of the cloister system, not a aggregate acceding agreement,” the abutment said.

Man Booker Hat Trick?

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Coetzee Headed for Man Booker Hat Trick?

The abbreviate account for the 2009 Man Booker Cost for Fiction was appear today, with J.M. Coetzee possibly in band become the first-ever columnist to win three times (his Life & Times of Michael K and Disgrace denticulate Bookers in 1983 and 1999, respectively). Coetzee’s Summertime is a finalist, forth with A.S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book, Sarah Waters’s The Little Stranger, Adam Foulds’s The Quickening Maze, Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, and Simon Mawer’s The Glass Room. Devastatingly, James Lever’s long-listed atypical Me Cheeta, the declared adventures of a chimpanzee, bootless to accomplish the cut; we’d absolutely admired to accept apparent what a fabulous monkey would’ve done with the $83,000 banknote prize.

Victor Osborne Wants More Men in Hats

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At alone 26 years old, milliner Victor Osborne has developed absolutely a following. Not alone accept his bowlers and fedoras graced the pages of several appearance magazines, but he aswell opened a new retail boutique on the Lower East Side this accomplished summer. The store’s accessible blueprint includes an atelier against the back, area Osborne can generally be begin creating his affluence hats on acceptable blocks. With an accessible accord for Opening Ceremony’s bounce band and custom pieces for Rihanna in Italian Vogue and Michelle Williams in Vogue, Victor Osborne is bringing hats aback to the mainstream. We sat down with him to altercate his accurate inspiration, arrangement hunting at Beacon’s Closet, and how every man should yield some appearance risks.

Victor Osborne Wants More Men in Hats (and Possibly Heels)

What’s the afflatus abaft your newest hat collection?

I was cerebration about the cine Metropolis and the abstraction of what was advised affected aback in the thirties.

How did you adjudge to architecture hats?

Hats consistently absorbed me, even from a adolescent age. I noticed how they could change someone’s affection or attending instantly just by putting on the appropriate one (or sometimes the amiss one)! I capital that adeptness to accomplish anyone feel complete the aforementioned way a hat can accomplish you feel. “To top off your look.”

You launched your band in 2005, but you just opened your NYC shop. How did you adjudge to accessible a store?

It was a way to apprentice what humans capital firsthand.

What blazon of getting wears Victor Osborne hats?

I advertise hats to 65-year-old mobsters, Brooklyn hipsters, and albino Upper West Side socialites. Everyone!

Describe your admired section from the newest collection.

The Pleat Cap. It is a sewn-straw, slouchy, aggressive general-inspired cap.

What was the aboriginal artist account that you bought or wore?

A ablaze fire-engine red Comme des Garçons wallet.

Who are some of your admired designers?

Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, and Dai Rees — I adulation the British!

Who are your claimed appearance icons?

Diana Ross in Mahogany; my boyfriend, Roger; Beth Ditto; and Bjork.

Describe your claimed style.

I’m a designer, so I absorb added time allowance others advance their appearance than my own.

What labels do you abrasion most?

Tim Hamilton, best Helmet Lang, Karl Lagerfeld, and Trash & Vaudeville.

Where do you boutique a lot of in NYC?

I’m advantageous that I get a lot of of my getting from artist friends, but I aswell adulation arrangement hunting at Beacon’s Closet.

What trends are you into appropriate now?

I’m blessed that individuality, not trends, is assuredly getting encouraged.

Any trends you ambition would disappear?

Agyness Deyn haircuts; she’s absolutely the alone one who looks acceptable in it.

What’s something every man should accept in his closet?

Something daring, finer a hat! But really, every man should accept something they are afraid of wearing, whether it’s a hat or a Day-Glo belt or even some atramentous eyeliner. Anything that would accomplish them attending altered from the pack.

Every woman?

High heels. Actually, that applies to men, too!

Finish this sentence: I never leave the abode after …

A smile on my face.

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