Love for Three Oranges “PRADA show”: the perfect combination of pioneering and fashion

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Recently, by the renowned experimental theater director, directed by Meng Jinghui, Liao Yimei literary consultant for the musical “Love for Three Oranges,” an actor dressed in Prada Handbags 2010 spring and summer play series of men and women, through the well-cut, distinct profile of duchess satin gray jacket and dress skirts, printed beach is full of holiday customs Women, and the light gray suit with white shirt and wool cardigan, presented through the story of a fantasy and reality, nostalgia and modernity, past and present strong contrast.

This, Prada for the first time with the musical cross-border, providing clothing sponsorship, fashion and literature and art to subvert the long-term separation of the status quo, explore a fashion, culture, art common way of existence, known as the “pioneer and fashion a perfect combination. ” This cooperation model for the development of leading brands a great sense of direction to explore, to find more drama to the survival status of the material support, when the material and spiritual integration, Pioneer and fashion fusion, what is impossible?

Commenting on the cooperation, Meng Jinghui said, “just look at Prada’s clothes, it is only a piece of clothing, if worn with a few people, no sound, then, is a fashion show, once the move, between man and man emotion, between clothes change color like a chameleon. is indeed the existence of a strange difficulty, there is a temperament suddenly came out, everyone becomes a little bit of feel like falling in such a way emotional communication for all show added some dark – they put on after the Fall of the Angels will have a sense, become rich, especially good for me – it is behind the balance between light, there will be an emotional drifting in the middle of clothes. ”

It is said that Prada designer involved in experimental theater, we all know, the godfather of theater-level figures in Hong Kong Yung has been a dramatic experiment to explore, when the Prada clothing is dramatic, a new “experimental theater” should be transported and students, should be a wing of the phrase “broken box, and every day,” poor-mouth plays do not have to blindly behind closed doors, pretending to be aloof wronged myself, the fashion industry not to deliberately widening the distance with the dramatic, real-time extension of the cultural connotation of fashion and artistic heritage, and when the frame between the two to eliminate, with everyone every day.

Meng Jinghui Asia’s most influential theater renowned experimental theater director, from “Accidental Death of an Anarchist,” “Love Rhino” to “amber”, unique personality and diversity of artistic creativity style, thus forming a kind of “Meng Jinghui type of cultural phenomenon.” As an Italian brand Prada, based on Western culture and to explore the combination of Chinese local culture, mastery became synonymous with the best. Experimental theater of conflict, no doubt the concept of subversion of the two existing theater, when the performers in the world of Prada’s hearty capability to perform when you are not aware of “dramatic fashion incoming!”


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