Light-colored lower handbags modified your body

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Temi Mei (Jany Temime) on “Zhuangshan” explanation: “I want to use in the film is a witch wedding dress style … … clothes are white, but also makes it a different piece of decoration can appear in work on the film. So, I used the Phoenix decorative patterns. The fire in the Phoenix bird of Nirvana,Gucci Handbags it is because love is love and a symbol of immortality. ”

In fact, Temi Mei reference only and can not be completely copied from McQueen’s design, although McQueen is also used on the bird costume pattern, but he is a peacock bird species. But Temi Mei While the peacock’s head into the Phoenix, but she ignored the get rid of feathers. In Temi Mei’s design, the phoenix who is obviously peacock feathers.

Although the public controversial, but David? Yates still like the film’s clothing. He said: “Some of the fantasy and the reality of the clothing appear together, people feel great. Temi Mei designer clothes and very personal, first glance will be able to know roughly what a person’s character. Outside For me, those disputes, not a problem, because to research a pattern or a design is too cumbersome, and often inconclusive. because there are always things and elements inspired by the designer, can not therefore criticize Everyone is copying.’s clothing in the film, I was very satisfied with the movie, that is enough. ”
This is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter in one far to attend a party, met a veteran actor played Effie Elphias Doge Elias, as a supporting role played in terms of time is very short, and his clothing is enough, “stunning “Multi-Neck impressed people, but not without regret, this multi-collar design has long been the former creative combination of Viktor & Rolf. The picture is a Viktor & Rolf show in an exhibition of dolls in the works, wearing a T-station design their miniature.

Hermione’s this little red dress and be a rare bright spot in the play, for the still in the role of students in terms of color and can not be out too sexy, but in addition to color in a gray tone in a very clear, there is no any special In particular, memorable elements.


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